P6 Europe presentations

This term primary 6 have been learning to use Powerpoint. They have each created a presentation about a country in the European Union.
First we created a mind map of ideas for our powerpoint then we planned our presentation on paper.


Ms Lewis looked at our plans before we used Powerpoint to design our presentation.

Click on the ppt links below to view some of our work.

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P3 Have It Covered !

Lesson 4 : 20/03/07

Our next impossible mission involved making something and then evaluating it afterwards, and thinking about the setting of our own standards.  To start with we were all handed out a picture of a hat and had to draw a head for the hat.  We then had to look at our drawing and talk about what was good and what could be improved. It was funny when Miriam modelled a police hat and we could see what qualities a hat should have.  After this Mr Cain set our next M:I and this one was really hard.  Each set of thinking partners were given an A3 piece of paper, 2 paper clips, 2 elastic bands, 2 treasury tags, a length of wool and a pair of scissors. With a time limit of 15 min we had to make a cover for one of the school dictionaries that could go on and off without damaging the book !!  This mission was really hard and we had lots of different designs. However we all evaluated the designs at the end of the mission to see which were best.  While all the groups had used good ideas we all agreed that the 2 best covers had simply folded the paper around the books own cover, tucked the extra neatly inside, and held the paper in place with the elastic bands and paper clips.

You can see us trying to make our book covers below.



RED nose day! W0T! What a day! So much in one day! I was in charge of the RN+SR (red nose and spoon race) with Stuart. Even though I didn’t go to school my long lost sister went instead. (you’ll see what I mean if you see any pictures!)

Weekly Blog Assistant

Podcast Pals

Hi ! We are the podcast pals from primary 6 and we have been making podcasts for Red Nose Day. We have been interviewing 6 people from each class in the school. The topic to talk about is what makes you happy for Comic Relief. If you would like to tell us what makes you happy send a comment to the blog and we will be happy to read them.

Podcasts to appear shortly……….

Katie, Kirsty and Jessica

MI : 3 (The Blu-tack Challenge)

Lesson 3 – 13/03/2007

Todays Impossible Mission was a sticky one! We were learning how to work with a limited amount of materials. To get us thinking about how best to do this, Mr Cain had three volunteers sort out a box of mixed coloured cubes into red, blue and yellow piles.  It took them 24 seconds to do this.  We then discussed as a class how to carry out this job more efficiently and when our volunteers repeated the task it took just 18 seconds !  Then another group of volunteers were asked to complete a jigsaw. This time we first discussed as a class how best to do the task and the group worked really well.  We learned that sharing the pieces (materials) between group members really helps.


After these exercises the impossible mission was to make three identical cone shapes from a small amount of blu-tack.  This was our hardest mission so far but the groups where everyone worked together and shared the material managed to succeed. The groups where we argued about who got to make the cones, or which shape was best, struggled.  You can see some of the work in progress in the photos below. Continue reading “MI : 3 (The Blu-tack Challenge)”

Having fun learning to build a tent

Today Bill came to our school. He helped us build 3 tents out on the field. It took quite a while and the ground was quite muddy.Bill put us into groups first. Then he gave us instructions. Then we started to make what he had said. We had quite a good time. My arms were a bit tired at the end.

I was surprised when it was finished because it always fell down. Nicole

I liked it when we were trying to get to sleep in the tent

I was surprised that we were building a tent because I thought we would look for squares orienteering. It was better than I thought and funnier because the tent kept on falling down.

It was fun when all of my group were pretending to sleep.

I liked it when we were going to sleep in the tent.

I liked going into the tent and building it

l liked building the tent

I liked sleeping in the tent because it was like a huddle.

I liked going inside the tent.

I had fun building the tent because we all worked together and nobody got left out.

It was funny when I was snoring in the tent that I had built.

I liked it when we were all in the tent because we were all taking off our coats and jumpers and I took off my hat and gloves. We used them as pillows and we all pretended to go to sleep as well.

It was a challenge because we had to cooperate a lot and listen to instructions

It was a workout for my muscles

We had to use our brains a lot.

It made me feel upset when my team said that it was going to fall down.

We got on together and everyone was listening to the instructions we got on because we all helped each other.
Olivia & Erin

When people cooperated but sometimes people shouted at us because some of it fell down, it made me feel sad. But I liked working in a group because it can be hard on your own and you need people to help you. When I was holding two poles Katie came and helped me.

It got our minds working

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P5 Fair Trade Cafe


 Next week is health week at school.  P5 are having a Fair Trade cafe .We are inviting some of the schools neighbours and mums and dads.We have been designing invitation for them.

Designing bicycles

How I made my bicyclebicycle1.jpg

The wire was hard to bend but when you wanted it back in line it was quite easy.  The pipe cleaner was quite like the wire but it was more colourful.I hated the straw because you couldn’t bend it with out making a mess of it.  The back round was quite easy to make.    

By Lachlan

bike-a.jpg      bikeb.jpg      bikec.jpg