Balloon Experiment

Lesson 4 – 12/1/2007

Today we had great fun experimenting with balloons to investigate what makes them move and which type moves fastest.

To start with, we saw that a plastic shopping bag filled with air doesn’t fly around the room, but an untied balloon does.  After a group discussion we decided it was because the force of air created by the stretch of the elastic balloon sides pushed the balloon through the air.

We came up with an experiment to find out if there was a difference in speed between long thin balloons and round ones. We blew up the balloons (although some of us had more puff than others – Mr Cain had a lot of hot air!), stuck them to a straw and fed the straw onto one end of a piece of string.  Some of us used stopwatches to time balloons while others  had a race between the two types of balloon.

Our experiments showed that the long thin balloons travelled fastest.  In our discussion afterwards we decided this was probably because of the more stream-lined shape.
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Primary 3 Wind Chimes

Today we made a windchime. We made it out of keys, coins, wool , pipecleaners and metal objects.  We put a dreamcatcher on the windchime and when we clanked the metal objects together it made a tinging sound. We are going to ask the nursery if we can hang it outside the shed.Johnny, Alexander & Miriam  

We made windchimers some of us made them with dreamcatchers but I didn’t I made a boat with oars and screws and seats.  Robert

 Me and Rachel threaded the beads onto the string. Caitlin 

We made some people out of foam to put in the boat.  Rachel 

I used sparkly pipecleaners and wrapped them around the sticks to decorate it.  Nicole 

I threaded some beads onto thin string.  Mark

We made a windchimber out of tinsel pipecleaners and Christmas decorations.  Lois

I liked putting together the keys and the bell. Isla 

It was fun when we put the pipecleaners on.  Tom

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Advent Assembly

advent-assembly.jpgThe p5 assembly this time was about advent (Christmas). Advent is a time for preparing for Christmas. My job was telling the different parts of a christingle represent and Lewis’s job was showing the survey results.
Lachlan & lewis

Our assembly was about advent. Me and Adam Welsh did the research on Christmas pudding and cards. Advent is a time for preparing for Christmas. The best bit was the Christingle making.
Andrew & Adam

Today primary 5 were doing an assembly about Advent. I read about the meaning on Advent wreaths I said in some churches, there is a Advent wreath it is a circle of evergreens with four candles one for each Sunday of advent .People light the first candle on Advent Sunday . A larger candle stands in the centre it is lit on
Christmas day.


During the P5 assembly I was doing a survey, the survey was about most wanted Christmas presents. I was with Guy, Lewis and James but James couldn’t do it because he was ill. The thing I enjoyed most was at the end when I went to see my Mum because she was so proud of me.
I was introducing the assembly and introducing the different people. I ended the assembly, the thing I enjoyed most was seeing my Mum as well because she was so proud of me.
Today we did an assembly on Advent. My favourite part was when Rachel made a Christingle . by Abby

The p5’s did an assembly today an I thought it was brill . My favourite part was when Abby told everybody the meaning of advent.
BY Rachel P.5

On Friday the 1st of December 2006 P5 did an Assembly. I did the part where I showed my little list and the
Teachers massive list.[Robbie]
I did the part where we showed the results of the most
Popular Christmas presents for 2006.[Guy]
We both really enjoyed ourselves doing the assembly.

By Robbie and Guy

In P5 we had an assembly and it was about advent . It was on the 1st of Desember 2006. We showed some of our advent calenders,showed how to make a christingle,our reserchers told us a bit about Xmas trees,Xmas cards and Xmas pudding.
We made graphs about the most popular preasants in P4,P5,P6 and P7(the uper area). Two boys told us about the advent ring.
Also two people told us about the first Santa Clause and a boy read out his acrostick poem about advent .
By Eilidh mc & Lydia

We started the assembly by singing Christmas has started then people showed our advent calendars and they chose someone to open it .My part was about Saint Nicholas. I was a little nervous but I was just fine.

My part was to show my calendar and this is what I said :This is my calendar. This is how you use it. Each day you push a mach box and you will get a chocolate. I will pick someone to open it.

By Morgan and Samantha

Meet our enterprising primary fives.

Primary five were set a class enterprise challenge last week and have produced some fantastic results.

I made a Christmas stocking for my advent calender.I made it out of felt and cardboard. I got the idea from a Christmas catalogue.It took 2 weeks to make it and the hardest bit was getting the chocolates to stay in the pockets.

By Andrew McNaughton


I made a Christmas house and chimney.I made it out of lego and cotton wool. I got the idea from my Mum and Dad. The hardest bit was sellotaping  the cotton wool to the top of the house.

By Adam Welsh


Here are some we made earlier

 dscf0770.JPG            dscf0771.JPG