Getting to Grips with NFI

What is the National Framework for Improvement?

– and what do we need to know about it?

An information evening for parents and carers of PPS pupils

Join the Parent Council for a prnifdrivers600_tcm4-874835esentation from Fiona Robertson, Head of Education, to explain more about the National Framework for Improvement.

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Free event, but limited numbers.

2017 is here!


Wishing all the pupils, families, PTA members, PC members and all the staff – a very happy, interesting, fun and ‘Can Do’ year ahead.



Congratulations to April Clark, first winner of the School Lottery draw on Christmas Eve – next winner due imminently too, so don’t forget, you can still get involved. 

Winner of Champagne could be YOU!

Maybe Lady Luck is on your side….

Your Local School Lottery. 


The PTA now have a new easy way of fundraising for the school. Managed through an approved website, you have the chance to join the schools lottery.

Your School Lottery

Why should I join? (Source: Info from webpage).

Here are just some of several good reasons:

  • In contrast to the National lottery, who only pass on 28p in every pound, and the Health Lottery who pass on a miserly 20.2p to good causes, we at your school lottery are extremely proud to say we put both of them to shame by promising a minimum PTA contribution of 40%. That’s almost DOUBLE the Health Lottery and over 42% more pence in the pound than what the National Lottery do.

  • You know (and you can see) that your money is going back into your community and your school will benefit from your contribution.

  • You have a much better chance of winning than other lotteries. Unlike most other lotteries, this number will be unique to you and will be yours for as long as you participate. You can purchase more than one number if you wish.

  • The more people that join, the bigger the prizes and the better off your school will be.

So, for every £1 raised, 40p goes to PTA account for use to support PPS.

Q: If my school gets 40p per entry, where does the other 60p go?

A: The 60p gets divided into two. 36p is used to support the prizes and the remaining 24p is used to administer the lottery itself.

What do you get? The chance to win a local (school) lottery and the chance to be entered into a national jackpot lottery every week.

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Governance Review – Scot Gov.

Scottish Schools Governance Review. 

– a chance to have your say on how Education is shaped in Scotland.



All parents and carers are invited to share their views regarding Scottish schools. Consultation is open until 6th JanuaryScottish Schools Governance Review

30th November 2016: There is an opportunity to attend an open event in Edinburgh also, tickets are free but most be booked (by 6th Nov).

Scottish Schools Governance Review – Engagement Session


For more information and other dates / venues for Ministerial Engagement Sessions, see below.  Continue reading “Governance Review – Scot Gov.”

What is Loose Parts Play?

Loose Parts Play – loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. They are materials with no specific set of directions that can be used alone or combined with other materials.

loose-parts-play-jgpTwo play specialists here in Scotland with particular interests in Schools / Outdoor Learning and Inclusion have collaborated to create an excellent guide for Absolutely fantastic resource for every playground and places where children can come together, collaborate, create, construct, care and thrive.


A terrific example of Parent Led Playgroup Improvement here in East Lothian can be seen and followed through Law Primary’s journey to open their grounds to a very ripe learning environment. Parents created this group following their early start to make a significant difference – and the project was born.

You may like to check out Cramond Primary in Edinburgh too….

Our PLACE – Learn Outdoors


Snap Survey – consultation with children and young people.


Work on devising new Play Strategy for East Lothian is progressing quickly. Your views are invited again for the next part. Please follow the link and take a few moments to answer this short survey and pass on to others who can respond (children and young adults). Please help your children record their answers.


SNAP Survey! Free time in East Lothian survey

What do you think about opportunities for free time in East Lothian? Where do you like to hang out, what do you like to do, and what gets in the way of you doing it? This survey is and will help us write a Play Policy for East Lothian that covers children and young people’s play and free time opportunities.

If you need help to complete the survey, it’s fine to ask someone to help – just make sure the answers are your own!

The survey has five questions and takes up to about 5 minutes to complete.

Parental Awareness: Education and Outcomes

New Approaches?

As times change for our children and childhood, concerns as we continue to fall in global tables – despite the huge acclaim for Curriculum for Excellence. The Attainment Gap between children continues to grow also. Becoming aware of arguments for different approaches has never been more important. The focus on closing the gap in attainment between children is focussing on areas of deprivation. There is no doubt this is something that matters immensely, but parents, education staff and child development experts are considering more than this factor. Indeed, the greatest impact in closing this gap starts before children enter Nursery and next, then through Nursery years (Peep for example: evaluated here).

A new movement is building in Scotland, mirrored by similar in England where traditional educational approaches of the UK are examined and challenged.

More information to consider can be found here.