Big Hopes Big Future

Befriending Support in Fa’side. We all need a hand sometimes. 


A new befriending support project running in Fa’side – Tranent Cluster started this year. This project focuses on helping children and families prepare and be ready for transition to nursery or primary school.

Guest Speaker: Evelyn Swinton of Big Hopes Big Future project.

The project is run through Home-Start East Lothian, and the co-ordinator, Evelyn Swinton, was guest speaker at the Parent Council AGM on 25th June. (Big Hopes Big Future is being rolled out nationally, having started in England and now funded locally and in Aberdeen for families with young children, not yet in school).

Evelyn shared this short media film, made here in the Tranent cluster, which gives an indication of what the project aims to do and how it works. The joy of giving caring support at the right times, is how much it can benefit the children, not just the parents.

By providing friendly but high quality of support to families, whether new to the area or facing some particular difficulties, parents can work with their peers to help get life back on track.

The Parent Council and staff present enjoyed the presentation and appreciated Evelyn’s time in answering questions too. All hope that any local families with a young child, who could benefit from a friendly face there to help and support, will be able to be matched to the Big Hopes Big Future volunteers and also benefit from the programme.

To find out more about Home-Start or BHBF project, please contact Home-Start East Lothian.

Home-Start East Lothian
Early Years Centre,
Sandersons Wynd,
East Lothian EH33 1DA
Tel: 01875 616066
  • Volunteers receive training and support from the East Lothian team.
  • Families supported through BHBF or other Home-Start volunteers, or the Support from the Start Family Support Worker Heather, can be assured of being matched to a very caring and understanding person who will work with them to ensure the help needed is provided.
  • Families and volunteers tend to report a sense of developing a real friend and having a lot of fun too.

Parent Council invitation…for you.

Especially for you – and you, and you.

Parent Council video…takes less than 2 mins to watch. 

“Every parent and carer involved with the school and their child’s education is making a difference.”

PPS Parent Council

Parent Council invites you…. Animated Video created using Animaker –

Posted by Loreen Pardoe on Friday, February 2, 2018

East Lothian Play Policy Launched

The new Play Policy for East Lothian is already being acclaimed as an example of excellent practice – the consultation carried out through to the finished document – and this is now to be embedded throughout East Lothian.

Official launch today – 23rd August – so please do download your copy now – for personal use, for groups and schools, all settings for children and young people.

Annual General Meeting

Pencaitland Parent Council invite You to join them …

…..for a review of the past year, an update on ‘where we are now’ and a look ahead into plans for 2017/2018.

Come and join us on Monday 26th June, in PPS hall. All parents and carers with children in PPS school and nursery are very welcome to join us and we would welcome you there.

7-9 pm – no popcorn provided, it’s true, but we are a fairly entertaining bunch.

If you are interested in hearing more about the PC or getting involved, please do contact your class rep – or email parent council.

A list of the current parent members can be found under the parent council section on blog.


Growth Mindset Parent and Carer Workshop


Martha Gordon, Educational Psychologist treated parents and carers to an interesting and enjoyable powerpoint presentation on 5th Dec, to help give a greater understanding of the Growth Mindset theme for PPS this year.

Everyone enjoyed it, but many couldn’t attend on the evening, so for all of us – a reminder or an insight into the information shared. Many thanks to Ms Wilson for organising the evening and to Martha for sharing this.

Growth Mindset PPS Information Powerpoint

5 Surprising Ways to Encourage Your Kid & No Such Thing as Failure.

There’s No Such Thing As Failure.

Have you heard that?….Or another, There’s No Failure, Only Feedback. Both are saying the same thing. Situations / outcomes may not work out exactly the way you thought it would / hoped it might, but each time we fail to achieve what we set out to do at that time, we actually have useful information and experience which we can use to persevere with, creating positive steps to change something and improve our efforts.

Learning to trust ourselves to cope with both failure and success – and continue to grow, develop and shape is very important for all of us, as we develop independent and interdependent skills.

RIE stands for Resources for Infant Educarers. (All parents fall into the Educarers group). The concept of Magda Gerber, a much respected expert in child care and the belief that the child is born primed to evolve therefore parents and others need to facilitate it rather than lead it.

Janet Lansbury is probably one of the most well-known supporters and advocates of RIE today, following her earlier fame as an actress. The principals of RIE parent style can be echoed throughout childhood and into adolescence, by parents, carers, schools staff and more. The work of Magda Gerber links directly to Growth Mindset, resourcefulness, self efficacy and resilience as can be seen from this post; 5 Surprising Ways to Encourage Your Kids