Infant Maths Day

Yesterday Primary 1, 1/2 and 2/3 had a Maths Day.   The children had lots of fun, working outside with the water, playing games and doing arty maths activities in the classroom and also doing some PE maths.


P1/2 and P7 Go Treasure Hunting

On Thursday afternoon Primary 1/2 were treated, by some of the Primary 7 pupils, to a treasure hunt in the woods.  The Primary 7 pupils worked really hard to write clues, locate appropriate locations and to help Primary 1/2 to navigate through the woods using a map.  It was really well organised and Primary 1/2 thoroughly enjoyed themselves.   Thank you to Mrs Kerr and Primary 7 for a fun afternoon.

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When You Go Down to the Woods …

This afternoon P1/2 enjoyed our final Outdoor Journeys lesson with Mrs Murray.  Over the last 7 weeks we have been finding treasures, planning journeys, reading maps, learning about grid references and completing orienteering challenges.  This afternoon we journeyed into the woods with a number of parents and planned and carried out short and varied journeys in small groups.  We all had a lovely time despite many of us being stung by nettles!  Thank you to the parents who joined us and to Mrs Murray from Edinburgh University for working with us. 

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One, Two, Three, Oops!

This morning P1/2 presented the story,  ‘One, Two, Three, Oops!’ at their class assembly.  Everyone had practised really hard and our eight narrators told the story really well.  Stuart and Heather played the part of Mr and Mrs Rabbit and the rest of the class played their children.  A huge well done to the whole class for working so hard.  I’m really proud of you.

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Primary 1/2 Go Outdoors

Primary 1/2 spent an enjoyable afternoon yesterday doing Outdoor Journeys with June Murray from Edinburgh University.  We collected ‘treasures’ from the playground and will be doing some active research on them next week.

Zoo Day

Yesterday primary 1/2 spent a very enjoyable day at Edinburgh Zoo. First of all, we took part in an animal care workshop where we compared pet cats and tigers.   We then had some time to see some of the many other animals – penguins, the hippo (who was wallowing in the bath), flamingos, leopards, jaguars, owls and many more.  We all had a great time and will now be learning more about some of the animals through our Safari Animals topic. 

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A blast from the Past

Yesterday, Primary 1/2 held a class museum to showcase their work on the project ‘When Mum Was a Girl’.  Parents, grandparents and friends were invited to come along to see what the pupils had been learning over the last few weeks.  Everyone worked really hard. For homework, the pupils asked their mum a few questions about life when they were young and we used the answers to make graphs and signs to display in the museum.   The mums sent in ‘artefacts’ from when they were a girl, many of  which brought back fond memories for the visitors.  The pupils made signs, labels, maps and guidebooks to help the visitors during their time in the museum.  The afternoon was very well attended and the pupils enjoyed showing the visitors around the exhibits and taking photos.  The audiotour was very popular, as was the music from the 80s!   Thank you to everyone who supported us both on the day and for providing lots of interesting exhibits.

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Feed The Birds

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It is difficult for birds to find food during the winter months.  Primary 1 and Primary 1/2 decided to help by making bird seed feeders. We used a mixture of bird seeds, lard, raisins and grated cheese to make a sticky cake which we then put into empty yoghurt pots.  We hung up our feeders on the trees around the school and hope that the bird enjoy our creations.