Growth Mindset. (Health and Well-being).

With Growth Mindset being a key issue for PPS, particularly looking at Resilience and better life skills to help both in and out of school… are some more resources. Big Deal Little Deal has already been shared after being introduced in school…have a look and see the little video and post explaining it for the kids and ourselves.




Growth Mindset pocket book for Staff and others. (This can also be purchased from Amazon if you fancy using it more yourself as some parents are now doing).


And another wonderful video which explains a lot of Growth Mindset, ‘in action’.



Check out what P3 have been up to recently!

For the starry eyed amongst you, here is a link to see the recent P3 trip to the Royal Observatory. And here is another to see how P3 got on when Shonagh the drama teacher came in to retell the story (or at least the first half of the story) of Hansel & Gretel

Don’t forget you can check in each week to see how P3 are getting on at their own class blog

Pencilympics Raises Money for LEPRA

The Primary 3 stationery shop ‘Pencilympics’ has been running for the last 4 weeks. Having paid for our stock, we made a profit of £38. The classes decided they would like to donate this to LEPRA.

Thank you to everyone who supported the shop.

Euro 2012 next …..

Today all of P3 went to Tranent to take part in a football festival. Half the children played 5-a-side games whilst the other half took part in practices. They then all swapped over.

Everyone had a great time.

P3 Visit Medieval Building Workshop

Primary 3 visited a workshop on Energy & Forces at Seton Collegiate Church. Peter the Stonemason showed us various demonstrations showing how medieval builders built buildings like the church.

The Great Egg Race 2012

Primary 3 & Primary 6 got together during Technologies Week to recreate Professor Heinz Wolff’s Great Egg Race.  The challenge was to create a vehicle, powered only by a single rubber band, to carry an egg as quickly as possible over a 5m course.

This clip shows some of the contestants taking part in the race.

P3K Used A Variety of Media to Create These Landscapes

  • We used ready mixed paint to create the blue sky.
  • We sponged white paint to create the clouds.
  • We used wax crayons and thick marker pens to create the hills.
  • We used oil pastels on black paper to create the field of flowers.
  • We used sand mixed with paint to create the beach.
  • We used wax resist and water colour paints to create the sea.
  • We used felt pens to create the house.

There are more on display on the wall outside our classroom.