A Grand Day Out!

Yesterday P3/4 were blessed with fantastic weather as we visited the rockpools at Yellowcraigs and the Seabird Centre.

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First of all Richard the ranger met us at Yellowcraigs for a session of rockpooling.  We found shore crabs, hermit crabs, shrimps, anemones, starfish, jellyfish, snails, limpets, periwinkles and whelks.

After a visit to the playpark it was back on the bus for the short ride into North Berwick for lunch by the beach.

Jenny, the Education Officer, talked to us about the effects litter on the beach has on the wildlife. We then made rubbish boats – boats made out of rubbish!  Andy then showed us how to use the cameras before letting us have a go.  Finally we tried out he boats to see which floated and which could carry ‘guest’ (a stone).

Everyone had a fantastic time before returning to school absolutely exhausted.  A big thank you to everyone who helped make this such a Grand Day Out.

Hoots Mon There’s a Moose Loose Aboot this Hoose

Excitement today in P3/4 as a fieldmouse was spotted running around by the window.  After a few minutes chase around the classroom it was safely captured and released back into the wild.

The picture is of our second visitor in two days.  This one, smaller than yesterday’s visitor, was also safely returned to the wild.

Lily’s Holiday now on General Release

Following the World Premier of Lily’s Holiday today, we are now delighted to release it to the general public:

NOTE: The film consists of 2 versions of Lily’s Holiday sandwiched around a short clip about the making of the film. When the animation was done, it was done in groups of 4. However, the sound editing was done in pairs. This resulted in 2 versions of each clip. The children chose which one to use for the ‘final’ version (the first one). The second version is made up of the unused clips meaning all the children can see and show their work.

Below are some photos of the animation parent workshop lead by P3/4.

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Pencils in your Pockets Opens for Business

The P3/4 stationery shop will open for business on

Wednesday afternoons from 1.30 – 2.00.

We have the following for sale:

Pencils with erasers 20p
Propelling pencils 30p
Highlighters 30p
Erasers 20p
Pencil sharpeners 20p
Post-Its 20p
Rulers 20p
Glue sticks 20p
12 Coloured pencils £2.50
12 Felt pens £2.50

Basket Boys win P3/4 Tournament

Following several weeks of training P3/4 had a basketball tournament.  The class was split into 6 teams with each team playing all the others with members of another team providing the referees and scorers.

After two weeks of tense competition the Basket Boys (pictured above) were victorious.

Pencils in your Pocket

The Primary3/4 stationery shop ‘Pencils in your Pockets’ will be opening after the Easter holiday.

Watch this space for details and remember to stock up with stationery for next term with us.

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