Walk About, Talk About

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To find out what Primary 3 know about the 1950s, our new topic, they did a ‘Walk About, Talk About’.  This is where each group wrote down what they knew about each topic – transport, school, clothes etc.  Each group then had the opportunity to agree with the other groups, disagree and make a comment, or add their own ideas.

Reach for the Stars!

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The Royal Observatory planetarium visited P2/3 and P3 today. This is what the children thought of it:

We went into a big dome. Inside it was lots of stars. Our favourite bit was looking at all the stars. She showed us the seasons’ stars and the different constellations. By Katy & Laura

My favourite bit when the planetarium came was listening to the story about Medussa. By Elliot

My favourite bit was finding out about Orion. By Katie

My favourite bit was when she told us about the Milky Way (NOT the chocolate bar!). By Erin

One Small Step for Primary 2/3 & 3

Because Primary 2/3 and Primary 3 are enjoying their project on space so much, I thought they might like to try out these excellent pages from the BBC website:

A Solar System jigsaw
Some video clips of space exploration
An interactive space map

We will be looking at constellations soon. Get a sneak preview of what they are HERE.

If you like these pages, leave a comment for the others to see.

Finally, one for the Mums and Dads :

Question: How many ears has Captain Kirk got?
Answer: 3, the left ear, the right ear, and the final front ear!