Upper School – King Loth & Judo

It has been a busy week for the upper school. On Monday there was our production of King Loth and on Thursday we had the opportunity to meet and train with Euan Burton, our Olympic judo hopeful for 2012.  You can read about both these events on the P7 class blog. A short cut to the King Loth post is here and the judo post here.

Watch This Space!!!

All of the P5’s, P6’s and P7’s took to the hall yesterday afternoon to hear all about an exciting new project they will all be participating in! The three classes will be working with the Charades theatre company, class teachers, Miss Sutherland and Miss Peebles to perform the musical legend of King Loth. It is a wonderful opportunity for all involved and we are all very enthusiastic about the task ahead. We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress over the coming weeks!

More Victorian Fun!

Last Wednesday P6 and P5/6 were visited by Sarah Cowie from Museum Services. She had organised a series of fun Victorian activities including washing clothes using a washboard and a mangle, dressing up for a Victorian photograph and trying out many Victorian children’s games. We all had great fun!

Victorian School Day

Primary 6 and Primary 5/6 had fun on Friday turning their rooms into Victorian classrooms and designing routines and lessons around a typical Victorian school day. The children took part in diction and dictation lessons and enjoyed trying out quill pens and chalk boards instead of jotters. Their outfits looked fantastic too!

A Magnifying Experience

Today P6 had the chance to look at some everyday objects in a completely different way. Fiona Cullen and her associates Hiro, Manuel and Sara came in from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology at the University of Edinburgh with their powerful microscopes. Linked to our river study (we had the chance to look at samples of the river water) the children also got a chance to look at things like banknotes, insects, mobile phones, flowers and various foodstuffs at extreme magnification. Suddenly it was cool to be in science again ! The children were very enthusiastic about the visit and were seen leaving the school at 3.15pm still chatting away about what they had seen.


Hibs Football Tournament

With the P7s away on a transition day it was up to the P6s and P5s to represent the school in a football tournament. Excitement was high with the games being played at the Hibs training ground. The weather was diabolical with rain falling the whole morning but despite this the boys tried their best, playing some good football against older and more powerful opponents. They played in a sporting manner and enjoyed their (cold and wet) morning out of school.



Some of the pupils from P5, P6 & P7 braved the cold conditions (it is always freezing in that stand) at Meadowbank to compete in the “big schools” athletic competition. The pupils participated enthusiastically and successfully  in the long jump, high jump, cricket ball throw, 80m, 150m, 600m and 100m relay. Although we didn’t win any events we did manage a credible few seconds and thirds. Not bad considering the size of some of the schools we were competing against.

Thanks to our parent helpers Mrs Thom & Mrs Neighbour for their invaluable assistance.

PS – note to self. Remember gloves, spare jumper and flask of coffee for next year !


Fairy Stories

For a number of weeks now, P6 have been busy writing fairy stories to read to the infants. This has involved a lot of work understanding the genre, appreciating the needs of the target audience, coming up with creative ideas, writing, redrafting and editing. However all this effort as rewarded this week when their completed works were read out to the appreciative pupils of P1/2 and P2/3. P6 loved reading their stories to a live audience, explaining the pictures and revealing the “happy ever after” endings. The infants were great and responded enthusiastically as the various stories unfolded. Everyone involved had a great time.

Barcelona Watch Out ! Pencaitland Are About !!

Despite the rather inclement weather recently, the football match between St Gabriels and Pencaitland managed to go ahead.  The team were forced into a couple of last minute changes and had no substitutes either as illness struck the squad.  However, despite all the players having to play the whole game, Pencaitland managed to record a 4-2 victory. The sun was shining and it seemed to inspire the team (either that or it was the chance to avoid some work back at school!) and they played excellently. Good passing football and some well taken goals. Our opponents played well too and it was end to end stuff and really good to watch. St Gabriels really looked after us – the apples at half-time were gratefully received – and both sets of players were a credit to their respective schools.