WW2 in P7

As part of our WW2 project we are going to dress up as evacuees .We are all looking forward to it. Hopefully there will be some photos put on the blog to show you what it was like .We will keep you posted on our WW2 project and what we have been learning in P7.
By Anna

This term for our ww2 topic, we are doing something called ‘make do and mend’ which involves making a class quilt. It is very fun, at the moment we are making progress slowly but surely. Me and Ruairidh are looking forward to getting it finished.

By Ruairidh and Josh P7.

Primary seven have been doing their project this term on World War II. As part of our art we have been doing Blitz scenes. Our paper was painted with fiery colours and when that was dried we cut out silhouettes from black sugar paper of buildings blown up. After these were stuck on, brown windowpanes were stuck on and fabric curtains were attached. We finally made the back of people’s heads and put them altogether these looked great.

By Mhairi and Katherine

On the 4th October we are getting dressed as evacuees. We are all really excited about it. We hope it is going to be fun but our really nice teacher is going to be all horrible like a teacher from the 1940’s (BOO!!!). All the boys have to wear their hair gelled down to one side(HAHAHA!!!).But this is even worse, the girls have to wear skirts and our hair up in plaits or bunches. We are not allowed to use our own rucksacks so instead we have to use a pillowcase as our school bag. So we are all really looking forward to Thursday and we will write a bit more after Thursday and we will try to put some pictures of the day on!!!!!

By Rachel

Ross High Diaries

P7 received our Ross High diaries on Friday 21st September. They are very impressive and we are all enjoying using them. The pages are like a proper diary and at the bottom of each page there is either a fact or a quote.
At the back there is a page for addresses, maps, languages and other helpful information. Each page is colourful and has pictures on it. We are glad they have finally arrived and that the wait was worth it.

By Kirsty and Emma

Blogging in P7

This afternoon P7 have been learning some more about blogging. We have been working in class to prepare some work for everyone to see. Hopefully it will be ready soon!

The Great Quilt Challenge

As part of their WW2 studies Primary 7 have been learning about ‘Make do and Mend’. We have all been learning how to sew and are making a class quilt from lots of scraps. Keep checking here for our progress, we hope to have it finished for the winter!

Calling P7 bloggers

Hello P7 bloggers

The staff are all learning to blog and we want to know what you think of it.  Do you read the blog?  Is it interesting?

Please leave comments and let us know.

At the end of last session we had 181 posts and 210 comments which was fantastic.  Can we improve on that this session?  Of course we can – with your help!

There’s a challenge!