PTA paints Pencaitland playground

Thanks to Graham and Eilidh Wilson from Pencaitland’s Parent Teachers Association which organised parents and supplied paint and brushes to get the playground repainted during the summer break.

You can see some snaps here

Full House for First Grandparents Day

We had a very successful first Grandparents’ Day on Friday, 14 May. The turnout was amazing and the sun was out too! One hundred enthusiastic and happy grandparents piled into the dining room area to get good viewing seats for the start of the morning activities. Both the Parent Council and the school were delighted with the tremendous support for the event.

The day started with a school assembly with every class doing something to entertain our guests. There was singing, “When I’m 64” and “You cannae shove yer granny off the bus”, poems, drawings, and even a sketch based on a classic piece of Monty Python – I don’t think we will ever really know how different it was growing up in the 1940s compared to now! There was much laughter in the hall throughout the performance. Click for full report plus pictures and video.

“Keeping Me Safe” Workshop

Last Thursday (6 May) some P1 parents attended a workshop about the personal safety programme called “Keeping Me Safe” which the school uses as part of its Health Education Programme.  Not everyone could attend , so I thought it would be useful to share some of the key messages with you.  Parents who have already worked through the programme with older children may also find it useful as a reminder.

The programme aims to give our children the foundation skills in a safe learning environment.  The aim is not to frighten them but to teach them how to recognise dangerous situations, make safe decisions, and that it is OK to say NO in situations, so that our children can cope with everyday situations and with change.   The school wants all pupils to be successful learners – for life!

The programme uses familiar situations and stories, drama, and art to convey the messages.  It uses simple, child friendly language.  For example phrases like “someone you don’t know” instead of “stranger”.  Children will work through a series of 8 lessons with worksheets.  Some worksheets will come home, as well as books to help you discuss the issues with your children.  Parents please note that these books are not to be read in the normal way – please read the warning on the inside of each book’s cover.

The 3 key messages are: SAY NO, DON’T GO, and ALWAYS TELL.

This programme presents all parents with the opportunity to work in partnership with the school to increase our childrens’ knowledge about personal safety and help them develop personal safety skills.  These are important life skills and parents have an important role to play in reinforcing what they learn through this programme. 

Not all parents could attend this workshop, so the school have made the materials available at the school entrance for parents to look at.   If you were not able to attend, you are encouraged to do so.  If any parent has any questions about the programme please speak with Mrs McCall.

Carol Snow, Chair of the Parent Council

Grandparents’ Day: 14 May

Thank you to parents for returning the forms to the school.  It looks like we are going to have a great turnout on the day.  If grandparents cannot attend we would appreciate if you could complete the form as we are planning to record where grandparents live on a map and display on the day.  If you no longer have the form then please just write the information (names of pupils, class, and where grandparents live) on a piece of paper and bring into the office for me by Thursday 13 May.  Thanks for all your support and your enthusiasm! 

Carol Snow, Chair of Parent Council

Grandparents’ Day at Pencaitland Primary: 14th May

Grandparents' Day takes place on the 14th of May 2010 - Click here to view the invitation letter and response formThe school, in partnership with the Parent Council, is having its first ever Grandparents’ Day in May. Taking place on the 14th we’re hoping that many grandparents will be able to attend the morning’s planned activities and see how their grandchildren enjoy school in 2010. All grandparents are encouraged to attend. For more details click here.