Christmas Term

It’s Christmas Time…..

It’s nice to share some feedback, so at a time of so many departures from the norm and the regular school day – we’ve been hearing lots of comments from parents and carers – and the kids themselves to show how much everyone has appreciated the work and the opportunities and festivities throughout December.

Here are some of the comments we have heard.
“The Nativity and Christmas Show was wonderful – going back to more of the ‘old model’ for those who remember that far back – when all the pupils are involved”. “It was lovely – big compliments for the lovely singing too”. “The Christmas Service, led by the P7s was one of the best in years. Well done to pupils and Mr Kingsbury.” “The Carol Singing was so lovely”. “What a great idea – hopefully the kids will do that every year – so nice to hear their voices around the village”. “We’ve been really busy but it’s been a brilliant time”. “Everyone has been having fun and doing all the different practising and rehearsing together”.  Xmas lunch was YUMMY and we had loads of fun”. “The Christmas Concert was so good – lovely to hear so many pupils playing music – and the Nursery children had such a lovely time”. “It’s great hearing the kids playing together and they were so much better than I expected!” “Well done to Ms Wilson and the staff – this has been a really special lead up to Christmas for all the children, everyone has had a part to play”. “Parties were REALLY FUN – we should celebrate (Christmas) lots of ways.”

There was also very good feedback from the enthusiastic Lunch Club organisers and user group, following the lovely shared lunch with visiting P6 pupils and teacher,  Kayla Smith.

“It was just perfect”. “The children and their teacher just settled right in and made it such a special time. They even all sang Jingle Bells for our Father Christmas visit which happened the same day”. “We would love them to come back – they are welcome any time and they were a credit to the school and their families”. “Haste ye back”. 

So, from Parent Council to Staff and Pupils of PPS, a huge WELL DONE!

Merry Christmas to everyone, we hope you have a fabulous festive season – and here’s to lots more wonderful times in 2018!


Have your say – on ELC budget.

How to do more with less. 

It’s not good news. ELC, like other local authorities, are having to work out “How to do more, with less.” In reality, hefty cuts in non-statutory provision are expected.

As the residents of East Lothian, your views are requested. Find the Budget consultation here. Find Shaping our Services here as ELC look ahead to the need to ‘do more with less’.

What does that mean?

The Education System is full of two things – pupils and jargon. It’s true!

Don’t despair though, whilst the pupils are cared for in school we, the parent council, are taking care of the Jargon.

Confused and Perplexed 

Head on over to Jargon Busting and let us know if something else has come up that has you baffled.

Parental Engagement Strategy – East Lothian 2017

Aha, the very thing we hear you say – just what I was waiting for!


Joking aside, you might really enjoy looking through this. PPS works hard to ensure that parents and carers are fully viewed as partners in all the education of the children. It’s a shared journey and responsibility between the pupils, parents/carers and the professionals entrusted with education through schooling. Education is actually much broader than the delivery of curriculum in school though and we all play a major part in outcomes.

So, following consultation throughout E. Lothian and feedback on draft policy, this version was formally adopted just before the summer for launch and roll-out over this school year.

The full version of the strategy is here: – ELC_PES_2017_ReportWEB_3

A shorter summary which you may have seen in leaflet form, is here:- PARENTAL_ENGAGEMENT_ELC_FINAL_WEB_.

How to Stop A Bully

Being Bullied hurts – a lot.

It can result in longterm difficulties and problems for many children, right into adulthood.

Brooke Gibbs is a social skills educator and teaches Conflict Resolution and Emotional Resilience through sharing understanding about “Dominance theory” to students.

How To Stop A Bully

This video just might fix your kid's bullying problem!More resources at

Posted by Brooks Gibbs on Monday, October 16, 2017


If interested – more resources can be found through website

Active Schools Volunteering

Active Schools – Volunteering Opportunity at PPS


Our Active School’s Co-ordinator, Laurie Daborn, is inviting parents, carers, local folk, aunties, uncles and others to take up volunteering in Pencaitland Primary to create more opportunities for kids to take part in fun, enjoyable and active past-times here in the village.




If you, or someone you know over the age of 16, is interested in finding out more, please get in touch with Laurie or pass your details into school.

Training is given and it’s a lot of fun for all.

Respect Me

New anti-bullying policy marks commitment to foster respect for all.

School children

The Education Committee of East Lothian Council approved ‘Respect for All’ in June 2017, a new anti-bullying policy that aims to ensure a consistent approach in tackling bullying behaviour in schools and other childcare settings.

The policy development was supported by ‘respectme’, Scotland’s anti-bullying service, and follows consultation with staff, school councils, parents and children. The policy is designed to ensure a consistent approach across all education settings in East Lothian, in line with the Scottish Government’s ‘National Approach to Anti-Bullying for Scotland’s Children and Young People’.

Fiona Robertson, Head of Education at East Lothian Council, said:

“East Lothian is committed to creating and sustaining a safe, positive, and inclusive environment for everyone in our all of our schools and learning environments. Respect For All follows rigorous consultation with school staff and the wider school community including parent and pupil councils, parents and carers, and of course, our children and young people. It provides clear guidelines on what to do when bullying behaviour is reported, and will ensure that all incidents are consistently dealt with in a constructive and fair manner. All of our colleagues and partner agencies will be informed of this policy, to ensure a consistent approach across East Lothian.”

Shamin Akhtar, Cabinet Spokesperson for Education and Children’s Services, said:

“Every child and young person has the right to grow up free from bullying behaviour and enjoy a learning environment which welcomes diversity and nurtures respect. This policy marks a clear commitment from the council and its partners to protect children and young people from bullying, and respond quickly and effectively to all forms of bullying behaviour. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to contribute to this policy.Tackling bullying is the responsibility of everyone in the school community, and we must all work to create a culture that encourages respect, values opinions, celebrates differences and promotes positive relationships which makes it difficult for bullying behaviour to flourish. This policy makes clear that such behaviour won’t be tolerated.”


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PTA Christmas Card Fundraising

Shhh – it’s nearly THAT time….      

Here are instructions for the Christmas Card Fundraising shared with the school staff. If your child is taking part – we hope they have a lot of fun and it all adds a sparkle to your Chris____.


A replacement blank template can be downloaded Here.

Deadline for returned designs is Friday 29th September.