Friends of Pencaitland Parks

Interested in improvements to the local park(s)? With Woodhall Park just finished – and inspiration from Ormiston Park (work in progress) and others like Cuthill Park…can Pencaitland rise to the challenge?

All our children need to play…and so you are invited to get together to help develop options.

Friday 9th March, Winton Arms, just before pick up (11-12am) is when it all starts, with a chat.

SPTC has a new name.


The Scottish Parent Teaching Council – which Pencaitland PS is a member of – has re-branded.

The new name reflects the growth and the direction of partnerships between parents and carers, pupils, school staff and local authorities / education in Scottish Government.

At Connect we strive to make parental involvement in Scottish education as good as it can be. We do this by working with parents and educators. We provide information, advice and training, all focussed on parental engagement in children’s learning. Sign up for our eNewsletters here and Parents’ Voice survey group here. Connect is a trading name of Scottish Parent Teacher Council, a Scottish charity funded mostly by membership.


PTA Christmas Card Fundraising

Shhh – it’s nearly THAT time….      

Here are instructions for the Christmas Card Fundraising shared with the school staff. If your child is taking part – we hope they have a lot of fun and it all adds a sparkle to your Chris____.


A replacement blank template can be downloaded Here.

Deadline for returned designs is Friday 29th September.



Get Connected


East Lothian Council.

Parents and Carers of Children and Young People with Additional Support Needs will be pleased to hear about the work of Get Connected East Lothian.

Get Connected is an project that aims to make it easier for young people with additional support needs and their families to find and contact activity providers.

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Generations Together

Memories that last a lifetime. 

No two children are the same, no two adults are either, but there’s no two ways about it, when adults play with children and children invite adults to play with them, it’s like a whole load of fairy dust is sprinkled around. 

“Giving our time to our children is one of the most magical gifts we can ever bestow upon them.” Remember that feeling when you were young and your mum and dad joined in a game with you? When they taught you a game they used to play? When you just all had a whole heap of fun together? Maybe it was a favourite aunt or uncle – or your friend’s parents that included you – whoever it was, it was a very special time in your childhood.

So now, we have a very special chance to share in some break-time with our kids. Join them in the playground Mon-Thurs (any day that suits you, and more than one if you can) during lunch break. Have fun together.

If they have hit that age that they don’t think it is so cool (hard to imagine of course 🙂 ) – then join their friends’ parents and just enjoy being reacquainted with games of your childhood again.

12-22 June ’17 is open to parents, grandparents and carers of children in PPS to roll back the years, get up to date with their games now – you might even want to just get a bit arty and create some story and number stones :).

If you have younger children too – please come on Wed of week 1 (14th June) or Thurs of week 2 (22nd June) – and, of course, keep a close eye on them. It will be a different experience for the pupils to have such little ones there too.

So, get your diaries out and score off BUSY on any of these lunchtimes…mark it up “Making Memories Together at PPS”


Sitting getting dusty?

PPS is looking for iPods/MP3 players and Digital Cameras 

Any old Tech? Any old tech? Any, any, any old te…ch?

Well, we don’t need your old iron 🙂

Can you donate a camera to the school, working and suitable for using with SD Cards? From P1-P7, classes would like more for pupils to use. (Nursery may love too if sturdy build and good for developing fine motor control). 

If you have any unused, suitable cameras, please do take to school after checking there is still a need (Just in case we start a deluge with this post as PPS parents and families are always so generous!)

ALSO – as part of being a Dementia Friendly school, we hope to develop the PLAYLIST for LIFE project in and through our school. To do this well, we are also looking for unused and working Ipods / MP3 players which can be donated for use. Launched in 2014 by Sally Magnusson, with her very personal account of the pathways created by dementia.

A moving interview can be found here Playlist for Life Charity and Sally Magnusson.

With the help of volunteers, we plan to develop a playlist for life with pupils and others in the village. A special connection between our lives, and music, is recognised to be very strong. More is shared in this wonderful film (trailer) and through this book. You may also be interested in this video clip with Dr. Maggie Ellis.

So – if you have suitable devices, which you would be happy to donate, please take these along to school, preferably in a small padded envelope.

Making a difference in small ways and many ways…..