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The winning design took elements from 3 different designs:

Isaac (P1R)
Niamh C (P6)
Sam (P7)

Well done to these three and to everyone who took part.

60 second update 16 March

16 March 2018


This week we invited all our parents and carers to our daffodil café. Lots and lots of people came and the cakes were delicious! Thanks to P6 for helping, and to everyone who donated. We made over £150 for Marie Curie.


This week P1R have looked for signs of Spring in the woods- we found buds on the trees, snowdrops, the daffodils are almost ready to flower and we watched rooks bringing twigs to build and mend their nests. We also spotted how high the river is after the snow and rain.


This week P1R have looked for signs of Spring in the woods- we found buds on the trees, snowdrops, the daffodils are almost ready to flower and we watched rooks bringing twigs to build and mend their nests. We also spotted how high the river is after the snow and rain.


This week P2 have been learning all about weddings through work on our Katie Morag topic, as well as learning about weddings from other cultures. We have been using coordinates to find information on a map, and we wrote directions for Little Red Riding Hood to find her way to the Wolf’s house to give him some cakes.


This week, we have been learning about adverbs and we’ve been trying to use them in sentences correctly to uplevel our writing to make it more interesting.

We have been working with Miss Wilson on perseverance and with Mrs Grant on our social skills though Cooperative Learning, eg, team activities to reinforce ‘everyone participating equally’ and ‘listening to each other carefully’


Primary 4 have been learning about venn and carroll diagrams as part of our data handling work. We have also been talking about probability and chance which has really got us thinking.

We have spent a lot of time learning about the respiratory system as part of our Human Body topic and getting ready for our class assembly.


This week we have been outside doing some more of our John Muir work. We have started the digging work necessary for our wildflower meadow. We discovered that digging turf is quite hard work! We have been continuing our learning about equivalent fractions in maths and have been playing lots of game to practise. We had our 2nd rugby session this week. We have another session next week before our festival on the 27th.


Primary 6 have been working collaboratively to create ideas for board games. The board games help explore emotions; “What would you do?” and “How would you feel?” They are looking forward to making the games next week when all their planning is completed.

Some pupils had fun helping with the nursery café; they took on various different roles to help the day run smoothly. We have also started thinking about our Biodiversity Challenge; P6 have been challenged to create a home for bugs (Bug Hotel), we are splitting into 2 groups and will hopefully create two wonderful environments for the bugs. Pupils have been asked to bring in any scrap (old pots, stones, bricks etc.) to help make our Bug Hotels next week. Some pupils have already started to collect sticks from around the playground.


What a week it has been for Primary 7! On Monday some of the children joined with some of the P6 children to take part in the East Lothian Schools cross country competition.  We won the small schools competition with Colin winning the boys race.

On Tuesday we all went to Central Hall in Edinburgh for the finals of the Schools Mock Court project where we were awarded the gown making prize for Edinburgh and the Lothians.

On Thursday we all went to Edinburgh College in Dalkeith for an all-day STEM event with other P7s from the Ross High cluster.

On top of all this our P7 leavers hoodies have arrived so the classroom is a lot more colourful!

More details and some pictures can be seen on the P7 blog at https://www.edubuzz.org/p7pps


Cross Country Competition

Well done to the children in Primary 6 and 7 who represented us in the Cross Country Competition on Monday.
Colin Riley won the boys category and overall, we won the small school category.

A fantastic effort by all and we will proudly display our trophy once we get it engraved.

60 second update

Here is the 60 second update for last week – a wee bit late.

9 March 2018


This week we have been learning colours in French and how to say “Bonjour!” We have made cards for Mother’s Day, and in the gym hall we have been balancing.



Primary 1R created lovely snow tunes on the glockenspiels with Mrs Davies this week.

In topic work we have been investigating how we make things move and enjoyed looking for push and pull forces in outside play equipment.


This week in P2 we have been discussing our personal strengths as a class, and thinking about what areas we would like to improve in. We have been learning about ‘ma famille’ and created some wonderful posters to show our families. In our topic work we have been creating alternate endings to the story ‘Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers’.


After last week’s extreme weather the children had lots to ‘report’ about how the snow affected where they live and about their ‘snow day’ adventures… a lot of igloos were constructed around the village! The children were able to create exciting newspaper headlines to match their newspaper article writing!

In maths, we had great fun creating tangram pictures with Mrs Haston and place value creatures with Mrs Grant.


Primary 4 have been learning about East Lothian.  ‘We’ve been looking at logos related to map reading.’ (Sophie).  ‘We took part in a competition to design a new flag for East Lothian.’ (Connie).  ‘We went on Google Maps to find out where our favourite places in East Lothian were.’ (Hamish) ‘We also drew landmarks, like our house, school and things that we like about East Lothian.’ (Willow)  ‘We made a huge map of East Lothian and added symbols to it.’(Emma K)


We have started reading a new class novel, ‘The Considine Curse’ this week. It is very mysterious so far. We have also started sewing together our toy bunnies. In maths we have been learning about fractions and equivalence. We missed our rugby session this week due to the grass still being covered in snow, hopefully it will run as normal next week.


Primary 6 have been learning a new song for The Drumming Experience, they will all be getting copies of it home with them today so they can look at it at home too. This week we  have been learning some fruit and vegetables in French.


Primary 7 attended their first transition event at Meadowmill this week.  More details and some photos can be seen on the P7 blog at http://edubuzz.org/p7pps.


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Can You Help P7?

P7 need a couple of Playmobil vehicles – a car and a large vehicle (truck or similar).  If you have either of these can P7 please borrow them for a couple of weeks?

Many thanks – P7

Community Choir evening postponed.

Hi all, we are re-scheduling the event for Monday evening, "Oor Big and Wee Sing". The weather has had a knock-on effect…

Posted by Pencaitland Parents on Friday, March 2, 2018

Oor Big and Wee Sing

Pencaitland PS Parent Council and Community Council present


An evening with the Clark Community Choir and the start of Pencaitland’s own singing group…interested?

“WHEN?” you shout. Monday 5th March – 7-9 pm

“WHERE?” you cry. Trevelyan Hall

“WHO CAN GO?”  You, your friends, family, neighbours if they come from Pencaitland and nearby….

“An intergenerational, community choir is what we want!!” – is what we heard, and so, book your (free space) and come along, bring a pal or two and have a lovely evening – right here on our doorsteps.