P3 – 60 Second Update

We have been learning about festivals and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. We went outside and acted out the race of the animals. This year is the year of the pig.
We have been counting money and working out change back.

Primary 4 – 60 Second Update

We enjoyed a Hip Hop taster on Wednesday. ‘It was really fun.’ (Noah) We built up a dance routine in small steps.  ‘We learned a lot of new moves’ (Daisy), ‘My knees hurt’ (Eoin)
As part of our East Lothian topic, we looked at some old buildings in Eastern Pencaitland such as the Smiddy and old school building during our outdoor learning. ‘I learned that the Smiddy used to be a blacksmiths’. (Luke)  ‘It was then a pub.’ (Eoin).  ‘You can tell the school is old because of the windows.’ (Eilidh K)  ‘It was interesting’. (Dillon) ‘The old school is now a recording studio.’ (Charlie)

60 second update 25 January


We have been looking at the book Whatever Next, asking the children questions to encourage talking and sharing of ideas about the book. We asked what could they see, what did they think might happen in the story, and what did it make them wonder. The children were then able to use this in their play making rockets with construction materials, designing rockets in the art area and using some resources from the story to role play.


We wrote our frst story this week about what we wear when we go out in the cold. It’s hard work remembering finger spaces and a full stop. We have been reading thermometers and comparing temperatures inside and out. We discovered the water in our outdoor tray had frozen over and become solid. We enjoyed listening to each other recite “The Snawman”.

In number we have been partitioning numbers and working out whether they are odd or even.


This week P2 have used balances to compare the weights of different objects found during their woodland walk. In French we have been learning some rhymes used by children to decide who is ‘it’ in games, as well as revising language already learned. We’ve been practising using doubles and near doubles in our adding. As part of our Katie Morag topic we have talked about the physical features of the island and identified an area


This week in Primary 2 we have been looking at writing instructions. We decided that like Katie Morag, we would make our own Porridgies (AKA Flap Jacks). First we wrote our own instructions, then we used our instructions to make our own batches of porridgies. We are going to eat them today as we have also been looking at Robert Burns (why he is famous, where he is from, some of his poems and songs). The class decided that they might want to make the porridgies again at home and have asked to have their recipe on the blog:


How to make Porridgies

(a batch makes 4 good sized pieces)


  1. Weigh 50g of butter and pour it in a tub. Then add 40g of sugar .
  2. Then put it into the microwave for 15 seconds. Take it out and mix it. Do this 2 times.
  3. Put 100g of porridge oats into the bowl and add 1 tablespoon of syrup.
  4. Put 25g of raisins into the bowl and mix it in.
  5. Next put the mixture into the microwave for 4 minutes.
  6. Finally put into the fridge to cool down.

Instructions written collectively by P2R


Despite the fact that P3 have had a few different teachers this week, and coped so well with it I might add, they have been working hard on lots of different things. They used The Inside Out film to explore feelings, emotions and how they are all unique. They have also learned some new Scots words and even learned a song called Heid Shooders Knaps and Taes.  Any idea what song that may be ?


We have been learning the poem ‘A Dug, A Dug’ as part of our Scottish language focus. We split into two groups will be performing the poem at the celebration assembly. In Science, we have been conducting experiments and learning about the process of evaporation.



In French we have been practising for our fashion show next week, learning names of colours and clothes. In maths we have been learning how to work out percentages of amounts and discovering how this can help us in shops when there is a sale on. For our topic work we have been learning about some of the old criminals of Edinburgh and their grisly crimes.


Primary 7 have been continuing to work through their World War 2 topic. This week we have been looking at Anderson shelters and how they were used. Pupils have also been working on their note – taking skills, using nonfiction texts and websites to obtain information. See also the P7 blog for photos and videos from our WW2 day on Wednesday.



60 second update 18 January 2019


This week P1 have started learning about hot and cold- we discovered how penguins keep warm in the Antarctic and how Polar bears break through ice! We learned what a thermometer does and discussed how to stay warm in the cold. We investigated how water changes shape depending on its container.

We have started learning how to make our capital letters and are using them in sentences.

P2B and P2R

Primary 2s have had another busy week. We are really enjoying our new Katie Morag topic. This week we have been talking about Katie Morag’s family tree and starting to think about our own family trees and how they are all unique. We have also made some lovely pieces of tartan in P2R. P2B have made some beautiful landscape pictures this week during their artwork time.

Both classes have been exploring measure in more depth. Looking at units for measurement and when and why it is appropriate to measure with different units. In our Big Writing this week, we have been focusing on re-telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood in our own words. We are trying to use some WOW words in our stories to make them even more exciting.


In P3 we have been finding out about coordinates. We have learned how to use horizontal and vertical axis to locate and draw objects on a grid and we enjoyed making and playing coordinates games using grid references with each other.

We have planned our new theme together (Scotland) and have started finding out about Scotland’s culture, traditions and language.


This week we have had fun learning about Parkour free running in PE. ‘I enjoyed the running and climbing on the climbing frame’ (Stanley). ‘I really liked the course that we do.’ (Daisy) ‘It was hard to jump over the green box’. (Dillon).

We went on a symmetry hunt as part of our outdoor work.   We found lots of symmetrical patterns around the village on houses, gates, garages and also natural items such as leaves.


We have started learning all about Hindusim and we have listened to the creation story, it was amazing! We have been working with money – and some people were shocked to find out how much things actually cost!


We had an exciting week meeting our nursery buddies, we went over and had a great outside play session with them. In maths we have been learning how to calculate a percentage of an amount. For our topic work we have started learning about old Edinburgh and are recreating the royal mile in our classroom.


Primary 7 started their health and wellbeing topic this week looking at healthy eating. We looked into different food groups and the benefits they have on the body. Next week we will be making a food diary for famous athletes.

60 second update 11 January


It has been an amazing first week back after the Christmas break.  All of the children have settled back into the routine and were excited to tell us all about the special toys Santa had delivered.  This week we have been focussing on settling back in as well as spending as much time outside as possible.  The children particularly enjoyed our visit to the tunnel and large sandpit on Wednesday as well as our ballet taster on Thursday.


Happy New Year!

P1 have had a busy first week back. On Tuesday we visited the woods and discovered a massive branch has fallen down over the path near the back gate. Lots of boys and girls were able to tell it had come from an oak tree by looking at the leaves!

On Thursday we had a visit from the Morag Alexander Ballet School and enjoyed playing some games and doing some dancing.

P2B and P2R

We are so pleased to be back and we have had a very busy week so far. On Thursday we were very lucky and had a special taster session for ballet with Miss E from Morag Alexander Ballet School. The pupils all had a wonderful time. Each pupil will be given a leaflet about available classes if they are interested in joining.

Both classes have started a new Big Writing adventure “The Wolf’s Tale”. We have been exploring characters this week and retelling stories in our own words.

Both classes have started looking at measurement; we have compared lengths of objects and measured objects using non-standard units.


The children in P3 have settled back into school routines well after the exciting Christmas holiday. They have been thinking about New Year resolutions and have set themselves personal targets, including being more helpful at home! It was great to see so many of you at our Open Afternoon session on Thursday and the children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you.


We have had a busy first week back.  We learned about the water cycle as part of our science work. In writing, we have started our first writing adventure about a mystery cave where some mysterious paintings have been found.  We have been focusing on the use of powerful adjectives and adverbs.   We also had fun with robotics when learning about farm life with the SSPCA officer. 


Happy new year from P5! We have had a lovely day in the woods with Richard, identifying trees in winter and finding signs of wildlife to start our John Muir award. An excellent start to 2019!


What a busy first week back. In maths we have been learning about percentages and how to convert between a fraction, a decimal and a percent. In art we have started to learn about perspective. In literacy we have been reading a short story full of suspense. We have been learning the pattern of the story so we can try and replicate it ourselves. Finally we had great fun making robots with the SSPCA when they came to chat to us about wildlife.


Primary 7 have been planning the short films they are going to be making for this year’s Edinburgh Schools Film Competition. Watch this space…

1st Response

East Lothian 1st Response service


Feeling at crisis point?

Are you dealing with long-term, mounting stress? Are you feeling unable to cope?

People can feel at crisis point for many reasons, including:

  •   Money or debt worries
  •   Unemployment or problems at


  •   Housing issues
  •   Changes in your health
  •   Family or caring concerns

    Whatever the issue, 1st Response can support you to resolve your crisis.

  • Please find updated leaflet promoting 1st Response (below) which offers support to those in distress or in crisis.  They provide face-to-face support throughout East Lothian, Monday – Friday.

     Please note that how people access this support has changed from a drop in service to an appointment system.

    An appointment can be made by phoning:

    07966 526 452



#Mental Health, #Stress, #Support #CareinELothian.

60 second update

Whole school update

It has been a very busy week at school.  We have enjoyed our Christmas lunch, the choir visited Tyneholm Nursing Home and we have been busy rehearsing and performing the Nativity.