What do we know about forces?

Welcome to our new forces blog – this will detail what and how we are learning about different forces, over the next five weeks.

Lesson 1 – 8/1/2007

Today we had a ‘thought shower’ to find out what we, as a class, already knew about forces.  It turned out that between us we knew quite a lot.  Following on from this we made up a list of ten questions about forces that we didn’t know the answer to.  We hope, during the course of the five weeks, to answer these questions.

We have put this list on our class wall and finding out the answers to these ten questions wil be our targets for this topic.  Mr Cain will be using these targets to make our personal learning plans.

Our Forces Targets 

Holiday fun- some web sites to try

Some links to keep you all busy over the holidays.

For infants



Numberjacks games


For Doctor Who fans there’s

Dr who e-books

Dr who music maker

CBBC Wild games


Art activities



P6 Christmas Webquest

P6 did a Christmas webquest. A webquest is a quiz on the internet it is just like a cyberhunt. We had to answer 16 questions some were quite easy and others were quite challenging. We had about 30 minutes to do it. If you got stuck you had a weblink to help you get the answer. We all thought that it was really good and a good way to get us into the festive season!!

By Katie and Mhairi . Primary 6.

Try it out yourself !


Christmas stars

Ms Lewis saw an idea on Sandaig Primary School blog for creating Christmas stars. We listened to the children’s instructions using Microsoft Word and created some of our own.   

xmas-stars.JPG      p7-stars.JPG

p6 stars                      p7 stars                                         

Christmas feast

All the children at Pencaitland enjoyed their Christmas lunch this week. Thanks to Primary 7 who organised all the classes and the dining staff for producing such an excellent meal.

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