Jazz Workshop

Six weeks ago we started a Jazz workshop with Cathy and Nicky from Thick-Skinned Productions.  We had six weeks to paint a picture of sound.  We decided to do it on a Victorian theme.  The story began with two under-estimating parents and two children called Jenny and Peter who go to the fair and travel back to the Victorian age, where they are put to work in a mill. 

We had two narrators, characters of Jenny (Christy), Peter (Neil), the mother (Anna) and father (Rob) and others in the story.  The rest of the class were involved in playing instruments which depicted the sounds of various objects in the sound picture.

Cathy and Nicky really supported us and gave us lots of advice and tips.  They organised the X-Claptor.  This was a fun game where you had to clap out a rhythm and anyone who made a mistake had to sit down.  The last person standing had the glory of winning the game.  This was really helpful for our rhythms, beats and sequences.

On the day of the performance, unfortunately one of the narrators was ill luckily Kirsty was able to save the day by narrating the whole play.  Our conductor (Emma) was extremely good at keeping us in time, together and giving us loads of encouragement. All of the classes thought that it was a great performance and congratulated us afterwards.

If the chance arose, we would love to work with Thick-Skinned Productions again.


By Martin, Rory and Alex

Making a Christmas card

Today we designed Christmas cards on kid pix.There were all sorts card designs such as puddings,trees,snowmen and santas oh! dont forget stars! We used paint, lines, pencil, letters and circles. Now some are hanging in the P.5.classroom if you would like to come and see some more try to see them before 15/12/06.

By Adam ,Lachlan and Andrew

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Primary 4 have been learning about the body

This week we found out that at the bottom of our stomach we have got a muscle that goes up and down when we breathe. The muscle is called the diaphram. We have got a windpipe that goes down through our throat. The windpipe carries air to our lungs.
by Hannah

I learnt that your lungs go like balloons when you breathe out and my mouth and my nose are joined together

Interactive Whiteboard

The whiteboard is great and all of P7 like it. (Michael)

The interactive Whiteboard is a superb thing to use.I really enjoy playing with it and has so many things to play on it and there is a library to find pictures on it and there is snakes and ladders button too. You click where the dice is and then you just click on it and it rolls.Oh and you know after a football match they take a pictures and they use the arrows to show where people were and where they should have been we have that sort of thing too and I just can’t get over how great it is!!! (BEN)

Speechless! (Matthew)

From Matthew, Michael and Ben (the weekly school bloggers )

The Snow Child rehearsals

Primary one, two and three are practicing hard for the show. Its just like an episode of the X Factor. I’m told that Mr Cain is Simon Cowell and Miss Chalmers is Sharon Osborne.

Mrs Schimmerman and Mrs Murdoch are directing and Mrs Anderson is busy making sure all the readers have nice clear voices.

We can’t wait to watch the performance on December 13th. Show times are at 1.45 and 7.00

Primary 3 maths

We were playing on the computer with a game called Eggs on legs. It helped me subtract units.


I liked speed  grid  challenge.