Film Archive 2004-2009

Welcome to the PPS Film Archive.  Below you will find various films and videos from 2004 to 2009.


The Bridge

Primary 7 welcomed Brian English from Edinburgh Filmhouse who joined them for a term creating the film The Bridge. With help from many others, they wrote, directed, acted, filmed and edited the film with different class members taking different roles.

The film was premiered at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh with parents and friends invited.


King Wastealot

This was a whole school project looking at reducing waste.  Based on a story by Bright New Scotland, the whole school drew pictures from different parts of the story.  These were combined with storytelling by the children into this short film.


Mrs Schimmerman’s Leaving Do

After many years at the school, Mrs Schimmerman retired and was given a suitable send-off.

Burn’s Supper

Presented by P3/4 and P4, a Celebration of Robert Burns and All Things Scottish.  Parents were invited to join for a short Ceilidh afterwards.

The Great Egg Race

Based on the popular TV series, groups from P3/4, P4 and P7 were challenged with creating a vehicle that could carry an egg (well, a golf ball) over 5m as quickly as possible powered only by a rubber band.

Here Comes Jesus

P4 presented this short play about Holy Week to parents, friends and the rest of the school.

Lily’s Holiday

A short animated film created by P3/4

Pencaitland PS Tour 2009

This tour of the school was created for a group of French teachers (that’s teachers from France not teachers of French) who were visiting East Lothian.  Originally it had a narration but this has unfortunately been lost.

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