Film Archive 2010-2014

Welcome to the PPS Film Archive.  Below you will find various films and videos from 2010 to 2014


A Grand Day Out

A short animated film created by P3


Outdoor Journey

This film was created for tutors at Moray House who were introducing Outdoor Journeys to the student teachers.


Camp @ Dukeshouse Wood 2012

Primary 7 camp at Dukeshouse Wood near Hexham.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The P7 show this year was based on the popular radio play by Douglas Adams.

BBC Close Calls on Camera – Harry Davies

Unfortunately one of our pupils, Harry Davies, was badly hurt when knocked off his bike on his way home on the day we filmed The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  His accident and subsequent recovery were featured on the BBC programme Close Calls on Camera.

Newsround featuring PPS

A group of our pupils were successful in a competition to design a menu for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.  They got to meet Ricky from Newsround and HRH the Duchess of Rothesay at the Palace of Holyrood House.


Authors’ Live Illustration Slam

A group of P5 and P6 pupils were invited to BBC Scotland in Glasgow to be the audience for one of their Authors Live programmes.  This one featured 3 illustrators who all created an illustration live in front of the audience.  The one by local writer/illustrator Debi Gliori is hanging in the school library.  This is a slideshow of photos taken on the day …

Illustration Slam on the BBC

… and this is the actual episode as broadcast.

Camp @ Dukeshouse Wood 2013

Primary 7 camp at Dukeshouse Wood near Hexham.

Bugsy Malone

The P7 show for this year was the musical Bugsy Malone.  Originally a feature film staring children, it was adapted for the stage.  The highlight … splurge guns!

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