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Information about education in Scotland and ideas to help parents support their children’s learning.

OECD PISA – Programme for International Student Assessment.

East Lothian Council Consultation Hub


You may be interested to keep up to date with the East Lothian Consultation Hub. This site will help you find and participate in consultations that may be pertinent to you and your family.

Parenting (Scotland)

helpParentLine Scotland

ParentLine is Scotland’s free helpline, email and web-chat service, for anyone caring for or concerned about a child – open until 9pm Monday to Friday.

Additional Support Needs and Families.


TaSK – Talented and Special Kids East Lothian Parent Led Support Group for children with ASD and ADHD.

Children’s University East Lothian

The Children’s University is an International critically-acclaimed charity which encourages all children aged 5 to 14 years to try new experiences, develop new interests and acquire new skills through participation in innovative and creative Learning Activities outside of the school day. Learning Activities are designed to:

  • childrens-universityraise aspiration, self-esteem & confidence
  • encourage curiosity and a love of learning
  • enhance motivation and build resilience
  • introduce new life experiences
  • offer progression in learning and personal skills development.

Parent FAQs

CU activities around Pencaitland

Downloadable Activities to use on days out / at home.

Health Tips and Info :

Food facts

What makes a healthy packed lunch?

Its up to you
Grid club                                                                                                                                            Helping kids cope with stress.

Get Active With Your Kids             Report on Scottish Children and Activity is rock bottom.

Dishing The Dirt on Raising a Healthy Child. Interview with Microbiologists and Authors of Let Them Eat Dirt.

Well Scotland

(NHS Scotland & Healthier Scotland – Scot Gov)  also share guidelines for Primary Schools as below.

Priorities for Primary School Children in Scotland for Health and Well-being.

Schools: Informed by reviews of effectiveness evidence, NICE public health guidance have produced public health guidance on promoting social and emotional wellbeing in both primary and secondary education. NICE public health guidance 12: Promoting children’s social and emotional wellbeing in primary education [external site] made three action recommendations each with a number of action points. They recommended that all primary schools should:

    • adopt a comprehensive ‘whole school’ approach to children’s social and emotional well-being
    • provide a comprehensive programme to help develop children’s social and emotional skills and wellbeing
    • ensure that teachers and practitioners are trained to identify the early signs of anxiety, emotional distress and behavioural problems amongst primary school children and that they discuss and agree options and an action plan with the child’s parents or carer.

NICE public health guidance 20: Promoting young people’s social and emotional wellbeing in secondary education[PDF: 270kb] has six recommendations each with a number of action points. These include:

    • a strategic framework to enable all secondary education establishments to adopt an organisation-wide approach to promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of young people
    • key principles and conditions concerned with, for example, demonstrating a commitment from head teachers and staff to promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of young people and providing an ethos that promotes learning, mutual respect and successful relationship
    • providing curriculum approaches that promote positive behaviours and successful relationships, and to help reduce disruptive behaviour and bullying
    • working with parents and families to promote the social and emotional wellbeing of young people and help parents and carers develop their parenting skills
    • working in partnership with young people to ensure that they can contribute to decisions that may impact on their social and emotional wellbeing
    • integrating social and emotional wellbeing within the training and continuing professional development of practitioners and relevant others involved in secondary education.

Update to information within NHS Scotland publications.  (March 18).

Attachment Led Practice

Interested in Attachment Led practice and Attachment Styles. This influences how we are able to meet our own, and other people’s needs.


BBCHistory (Romans, Vikings, World War 2 and more!)

Holiday Fun

Dr Who

Dr Who music maker
Dr Who e books

For infants
Cbeebies – games – watch and sing

Fun with Spot

Play, Talk, Read

For babies to P1s


Bookbug is one of the most popular figures in childhood. Find local Bookbug sessions through Scottish Book Trust website. Bookbug gift sets are given soon after birth, as toddler, in Nursery and in P1 – resulting in a great deal of infectious fun, love of books especially chosen each year to delight and extra treasures like pads and crayons. Bookbug for the Home and Bookbug in libraries and centres are where the magic is first spread…because babies love books too.



1 + 2 languages for Parents

1 + 2 languages – Storytime.

Primary Languages – French (BBC)

French Songs and activities – BBC

Languages on line

Being Active Locally.


Active Schools offer affordable fun and physical activities for children across East Lothian Schools. Booking for termly sessions in each Cluster area is mainly done online now. Have a look and see what is on offer. Some sessions are free and some are available at reduced cost for eligible families. It may also be possible to be referred for funded spaces through Support from the Start / Children’s Bursary. Volunteers and Coaches are the key stone of this service along with the Cluster co-ordinators. Well worth getting involved in.


Scottish Book Trust

Check out the fabulous Recommended Reads book lists for different age groups, be inspired to submit short novels and more.

Following focus for School Improvement Plan (2016-2017), staff will be using the Reflective Reading programme.

Reflective Reading

Maths Fun

Mathletics is the preferred shared resource between home and school at PPS.


Working towards School Improvement Plan for ’16-’17 session has a focus on Numeracy, working with the Number Phases as promoted in East Lothian schools.

Another resource being used between school and home is Studyladder.




East Lothian uses a consistent approach in teaching Maths.

Numeracy and Maths

East Lothian Phases


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