Library Book Donations

Following a considerable amount of work by some parents, (organised by Parent Council with support of Head Teacher & staff) the school library has become far better organised for the Accelerated Reader system and was moved into a lovely new area (Aug’17), by staff, for the pupils to enjoy. The work carried out identified some ‘hidden gaps’ in reading material and so, the library was found to be in need of some replenishing / restocking. Some parents expressed an interest in donating books to the school, to improve this important resource further, and it was agreed the concept could be shared to all parents and carers, offering the same opportunity.

Child reading in Bookshop

The booklist is open all year round, to suit different family commitments and any donations made will be gratefully received by staff and children of the school.

To ensure that a full range of reading ages, levels and abilities is covered, we have created a list of books that would be a beneficial addition to the library.

It is also possible to donate pre-owned books, in good condition, to the library for other children to read. Please take these to the school office with a note that AR Levels need to be noted prior to being added to the shelves. 

Also to ensure that the school doesn’t receive twenty copies of the same book we are sharing this list with you and a web form you can use to notify the school of what you have or intend to donate.

Please use the form below to let us know which book(s) you have decided to buy for the school.

The books listed below are those that the school needs and haven’t been donated yet.

You can see the full PPS Donation Books List at the following URL

Thank you.