Designing bicycles

How I made my bicyclebicycle1.jpg

The wire was hard to bend but when you wanted it back in line it was quite easy.  The pipe cleaner was quite like the wire but it was more colourful.I hated the straw because you couldn’t bend it with out making a mess of it.  The back round was quite easy to make.    

By Lachlan

bike-a.jpg      bikeb.jpg      bikec.jpg

Thinking Skills

 Lesson 1 – 20/2/07

We started something different today. We have been practising our thinking skills.

As a warm-up we practised speaking in turn and listening effectively – this involved a story about a Dalek!

Each week Mr Cain is going to give us an impossible mission to complete. Todays mission was to make two identical fish, same size, same shape, same colour.  Each group was given the same pack of materials and had to work out how to complete the task, by working as a team.  When we shared our results at the end of the mission, we found that the different teams had completed the task but in different ways.  One group had made a template from card to make the two fish, another group had used tracing paper to copy two fish, while a third folded one piece of card in half, drew one fish and cut through two layers of the card to get two fish.

We were very proud that we had come up with these different methods without any help.

Check back next week for our next impossible mission!


We were very lucky today as a real life diver came to visit. Mrs Howson had read our blog on the diving experiment a few weeks ago and offered to bring in her real diving equipment to show us.  She explained how the equipment worked -the suit, goggles, air tank, weights, flippers and other gear.  We all got to try out the goggles, snorkel and flippers as well as breathing from the real air tank.  Mrs Howson also showed us photos of some creatures she had photographed underwater.  Then she very patiently answered our questions – and we had LOADS!

We all had a great time and are really pleased she visited.

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P7 Assembly

The P7 assembly was a great success. There were mimes, stilters, comedians, musicians, narrators, servents dancers and most importantly THE EMPEROR OF JAPAN!


Everybody Feel the Force!

Lesson 20 – 9/2/2007

The last day before half-term and our last science lesson.

Today we thought about everything we had learned in the past five weeks, and we completed our personal learning plans and a quiz all about forces.  The winning team scored house points.

We also learned a song about forces and we’d like to share a bit of that with you.  Please click below


Our views on  our science topic

I enjoyed the science   sam

I thought science was great         Isla

I liked doing the experiments          Fabian

Brilliant               Ben

I give it 10 from 10            Johnny

Even  better than the Romans         Robert

Thanks to all blog visitors for your comments.  We have all really appreciated them and we have enjoyed sharing our project with you.  Mr Cain

Its snowing!!!

Snowball Fight 

In the morning the snow had been falling overnight. So when we got to school there was lots of snow, we were in for a big snowball fight. But as time went by it got more and more rough. Some peole got into trouble because of them throwing snowballs in their face and their hair.
From Ben

I like the snow because you can make snowballs and snowmen. Today I had a snowball fight with lots of the other classes.


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