Balloon Experiment

Lesson 4 – 12/1/2007

Today we had great fun experimenting with balloons to investigate what makes them move and which type moves fastest.

To start with, we saw that a plastic shopping bag filled with air doesn’t fly around the room, but an untied balloon does.  After a group discussion we decided it was because the force of air created by the stretch of the elastic balloon sides pushed the balloon through the air.

We came up with an experiment to find out if there was a difference in speed between long thin balloons and round ones. We blew up the balloons (although some of us had more puff than others – Mr Cain had a lot of hot air!), stuck them to a straw and fed the straw onto one end of a piece of string.  Some of us used stopwatches to time balloons while others  had a race between the two types of balloon.

Our experiments showed that the long thin balloons travelled fastest.  In our discussion afterwards we decided this was probably because of the more stream-lined shape.
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How do we communicate

Primary 7 have been discussing ways of communicating in today’s world. They came up with quite a list of suggestions. Click on the picture and see how many of these you have used? Ask your parents how many of these they used at school.


Movement Book

Lesson 3 – 10/1/2007

Today we did a survey of the classroom to find things we could move with a push or a pull. We also looked through some catalogues to find and cut out pictures of others.  We made a movement page in our jotters where we drew and stuck pictures of the things we had found.


What do we know about forces?

Welcome to our new forces blog – this will detail what and how we are learning about different forces, over the next five weeks.

Lesson 1 – 8/1/2007

Today we had a ‘thought shower’ to find out what we, as a class, already knew about forces.  It turned out that between us we knew quite a lot.  Following on from this we made up a list of ten questions about forces that we didn’t know the answer to.  We hope, during the course of the five weeks, to answer these questions.

We have put this list on our class wall and finding out the answers to these ten questions wil be our targets for this topic.  Mr Cain will be using these targets to make our personal learning plans.

Our Forces Targets