Deep Sea Diver 1

Lesson 10 – 23/1/2007

 Over the next two lessons we are going to see how changing something’s density makes it float or sink.  We are going to do this by making a deep sea diver!

Today we made the diver by cutting a shape out of bacofoil tins.  His oxygen tank was made from a bendy straw and attached to the foil diver with a paper clip. Tomorrow he is going diving! Continue reading “Deep Sea Diver 1”

Floating and Sinking

Lesson 9 – 22/01/07

In this lesson we got to splash about.  We had brought items from home, some we thought would float and some we thought would sink.  In our groups we talked about all the items we had brought in and made our predictions – which would float and which would sink.  Then came the fun part – testing our predictions by dropping the items into buckets of water. Continue reading “Floating and Sinking”

Bouncy Investigation

Lesson 8 – 19/1/2007

Following the investigation Mr Cain showed us the other day on stretching, today we were able to devise our own investigation into bouncing.  We had brought in a selection of different balls and the aim of our investigation was to place them in order of ‘bouncyness’.  In our teams we worked out our experiment, making sure it would be a fair test.  We predicted our results, and wrote up a report on our findings. Continue reading “Bouncy Investigation”

Movement Book 2

Lesson 7 – 17/1/2007

We’ve been outside today! We braved the cold weather to go out into the school grounds to see if we could find anything that would stretch, swing or bounce.  As Mr Cain told us “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!”.  We found some good examples and when we got back inside we sketched them in our movement book, along with some other examples we found in catalogues.
Continue reading “Movement Book 2”