Introduction To Friction

Lesson 17 – 05/02/2007

Today we started a different theme in our Forces topic.  We had to use an upturned tray and investigate which flat bottomed objects slid down the easiest.  We tried a variety of objects from rubbers, rulers, whiteboards to pencil cases and paperclips.  We then repeated the experiment with a section of carpet over the upturned tray.

We discovered that whenever things rub together, friction is produced. It is an invisible force that tries to stop movement. We saw that some things slid more easily on the tray than others because their bottom surface was smoother and caused less friction. Things slid more slowly on the carpet than the tray because the carpet is rougher than the tray and causes more friction.
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Magnets and Compasses

Lesson 16 – 2/2/2007

We discovered today how magnets affect compasses.  We turned a steel pin into a magnet in the same way as the other day. We stuck it to a piece of cork and placed it in a basin of water. Once it stopped moving we discovered that each group’s pin pointed in the same direction – North! We had made a compass.  We marked this direction with a piece of paper beside the basin, and even when we turned the basin, our ‘compass’ moved so the pin always pointed North.

Then we brought a magnet close to our compass, and rather than pointing North, our compass point always moved towards the magnet.  This is because the magnet , being so close to the pin, is much stonger than the magnetic force of the earth.
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Whiteboard Spiked!!!

We have been using the whiteboard for several months now but it has been spiked. It’s a tragedy!!!!!
After it’s been spiked we have been having to use the small white board that goes around on wheels. It’s been really annoying and we had to phone to get a person in to fix it and he said that he would come in from 3 to 5 days it is SO ANNOYING.
From Ben

Painting to show emotions

Primary two and three have been mixing and choosing paints to show happy and sad emotions. They are designing a clown with half a happy face and half a sad face. Check back next week for the finished designs.

 clown1.JPG        clown2.jpg

Creepy Crawlies

Lesson 15 – 31/01/2007

We made ourselves magicians today! We designed our own small beasties or animals and cut them out of card before taping a small paperclip underneath. We could then put our cut-outs on another piece of card with a magnet underneath. By moving the magnet our creepy crawlie moved on its own – just like magic. Mr Cain got us to put extra layers of card inbetween the magnet and our beastie and if we used a lot the magnet stopped working. Spoilsport! Continue reading “Creepy Crawlies”

Making Our Own Magnets

Lesson 14 – 30/01/2007

We made our own magnets today out of paper clips. Firstly we had to straighten out the paper clip and blue tac it down onto our desk. Then we had to move a magnet through the air close to the paper clip taking care always to move the magnet in the same direction. We had to remember not to turn the magnets round either. Once we did this, the paper clip became a magnet too and we were able to go round the class like yesterday checking to see if it would attract pins and things. Continue reading “Making Our Own Magnets”

Can Sorter

 Lesson 13 – 29/01/2007

We started learning about magnets today and lots of us had brought some in to help with our experiments.  Firstly we learned that magnets have different ends. These are called poles – one is North and the other is South. We could feel a strong force between two magnets when we brought them close together.  When different poles were facing, the force attracted the magnets (pulled them closer). When the same poles faced each other, the force repelled the magnets (pushed them apart).

We then searched the classroom to find things that would be attracted to our magnets. And we found loads! Continue reading “Can Sorter”

Forces – Review

Lesson 12 – 26/01/2007

No experiments today – boo!  Because we were half way through our Forces project Mr Cain decided to have a review of what we had covered so far.  We all went over our personal learning plans to make sure we had understood what we were supposed to have learned.   Then we had a really fun quiz between our groups with lots of group points at stake – we`ll have to learn to whisper to each other because we kept giving away our answers to the other groups!

We`ll be moving on to magnetism next week and there will be more experiments – hurrah.