Meet our enterprising primary fives.

Primary five were set a class enterprise challenge last week and have produced some fantastic results.

I made a Christmas stocking for my advent calender.I made it out of felt and cardboard. I got the idea from a Christmas catalogue.It took 2 weeks to make it and the hardest bit was getting the chocolates to stay in the pockets.

By Andrew McNaughton


I made a Christmas house and chimney.I made it out of lego and cotton wool. I got the idea from my Mum and Dad. The hardest bit was sellotaping  the cotton wool to the top of the house.

By Adam Welsh


Here are some we made earlier

 dscf0770.JPG            dscf0771.JPG

Primary 3 maths

We were playing on the computer with a game called Eggs on legs. It helped me subtract units.


I liked speed  grid  challenge.