60 Second Update


This week we welcomed Miss Thomson to the nursery. We all loved watching the school Christmas show on Tuesday, and making Christmas trees with P6. Our mums and dads and childminders came in to look at our Learning Stories, and we went to the hall and practised party games.


P1B have loved performing in the nativity show, it was great fun putting on our costumes and singing Christmas Carols.

We have kept busy with our Ditty Books but have managed to make Christmas Cards. – expect a deliver next week!

We have also created some Christmas patterns and sequences. We are very much looking forward to our party on Wednesday.


We hope you enjoyed watching the Nativity as much as we enjoyed performing it! It was fun up on the stage looking out to a “real” audience; though the lights were very bright and it did get very hot!

We have been doing Christmas activities in class too – making cards, trees, snowflakes and singing songs. P7 helped us complete Santa mosaics on the laptops.

We have still been doing lots of reading and writing – last book before the holidays will be sent home today.


Primary 2 have been working really hard on the nativity this week, and were really excited to perform for the nursery on Tuesday and parents and carers on Thursday and Friday.

We enjoyed going to the church to watch the primary 7’s in their church service, and we have been busy practising songs that we are going to sing while walking around Pencaitland on Monday. If you see us out carol singing please give us a wave!


We’re getting so excited in P3! The children are counting down the sleeps and ticking off the days on their December calendars in class and Christmas is getting closer every day! We loved the Christmas lunch on Tuesday, enjoyed our visit to Church on Wednesday and sang with the whole school in our Christmas concerts on Thursday and Friday. Now we’re busy making things for our Christmas party next week…. crowns fit for kings and queens!


This week we finished our Romans topic.  We have really enjoyed our topic and have learned lots of new facts.   ‘The Romans built straight roads’ (Emma K); ‘The Roman army had different formations to protect themselves’ (William); ‘I liked learning about farming and Roman villas’ (Alex); ‘Rich Romans had slaves who worked for them’ (Morven); ‘Romans used sponges on sticks to wipe their bottom!’ (Nina) ‘They had baths and went to the toilet all together’ (Connie); ‘There were some people called wanderers who wandered around the empire’ (Robert).

On Thursday morning, we took part in a NYCoS session with Charlotte McMillan.  It was really good fun.  We learned some new songs and played some listening games.  Some of us are very keen to go along to the NYCoS singing group.


We have been learning about Christmas around the world and we were very lucky this week to have Mrs Jackman come and tell us about Christmas in Argentina. We have made ourselves into Christmas elves in art and have hidden them around the school. I wonder if anyone will be able to spot us hiding?


This week was a wonderful and busy week performing the nativity for all of the nursery boys and girls, parents and other family members and going to the church service. We are all looking forward to the second performance of the nativity this morning.


We have been working on our latest blockbuster music video – especially for Christmas!  Watch the P7 blog next week at https://edubuzz.org/p7pps.

December News

PPS Newsletter Dec 17

A very busy time through to end of term, when both staff from school and parent council wish all a happy and healthy festive spell.

One other reminder, if you are able to come along to the Nativity and Christmas Show on Thurs 14/Fri 15 Dec, please enter the school through the P5-7 entrance and

Christmas bauble

complete a bauble for our Tree of Values in the library area as we start our consultation around the school’s Vision, Values and Aims. We all look forward to seeing what everyone has to share.


*School closes on 22nd December and re-start on 8th January*.


60 Second Update 7 December 2017



Christmas has really started in the nursery and we have been making cards and decorations all week, plus we have drawn lovely pictures for Santa. Each day someone opens our advent calendar and hangs a bauble on the Christmas tree. We were sad to say goodbye to Mrs Flockhart this week.


Primary 1B have been enjoying learning some Christmas carols as well as trying on our costumes for our nativity performances which was very exciting!. On our woodland walk we looked at the trees in winter and we have painted silhouettes of winter trees using thick and thin brushes.


It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas! Our special day person opens the advent calendar and pins up the lovely picture every morning.  (We love counting how many sleeps to go!) We had our first nativity practise wearing our costumes.  We look great! Look out for the nativity scene set up in the area.  We made the angels and stars.  In maths we are working with money and have opened a Christmas shop. We need to give the right coins before we can take our purchases away.


P2 have been very busy with nativity practise this week and we got to do our first rehearsals with the whole school, and in our costumes. We have also been making Christmas decorations to hang up in our classroom to make it more festive!

In numeracy we have been creating out own 100 square jigsaws, and our friends have been piecing them back together.

P2 have been practising speaking to a partner in French, greeting each other, asking how their partner is, and telling them something about themselves. We have also been practising counting from 1 -20, and singing the days of the week song.


In numeracy, we have been learning about place value and the value of a digit depending on its position. We’ve been using concrete materials to make 2 digit and 3 digit numbers and finding 10 more/less and 100 more/less. We’re really enjoying playing our new place value ice cream games, counting in 1’s, 10’s and in 100’s.

We had a National Choir taster session on Thursday and loved singing the funny songs and playing the musical games. A big thank you to Charlotte McMillan for giving up her time to come to visit us.


We have been learning highland dancing in PE. The types of dancing that we have been doing are The Flying Scotsman, Canadian Barn Dance and The Virginia Reel. ‘I like doing the banana splits in The Virginia Reel’ (Fergus). ‘You need a partner for each dance’. (Katy) Some of us like to dance to traditional music and some like to dance to modern music. The dances work with both traditional and modern but you need to remember concentrate and count the beats.

We have been learning about different types of electricity.  We wore costumes with batteries, lamps and electrons on them.  ‘The battery gave us energy and the lamps took the energy away.’ (Nina)



We have started our new topic for the new few weeks, Christmas around the world. We have split into groups and are each learning about a different country. We are going to present our findings to each other during the last week of term. In maths we have been revising our times tables and learning how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100.


Primary 6 have had a very exciting week. The P6 Choir members went to the Pencaitland Nursing Home with Mrs Davies to sing Christmas songs to everyone. The non-choir members came with me to the Pencaitland Lunch Club to do some intergenerational work. It was lovely getting to meet some people from the community and getting to know them a little better; we hope to continue to work with them. We would like to say a big thank you to all of our parent helpers who gave up their time to come with us.

Primary 6 have also been doing their individual ‘Try Something New’ presentations, sharing their success, challenges and next steps with everyone; they have been going very well.


The highlight of the week for us was the announcement of the results of the School Mock Court Project for the Lothians. Our Pursuers were 5th and our Defenders 1st – a fantastic achievement by both.  More details in the earlier post.

We have been continuing with supporting P1 with their ICT. There are some photos on the P7 class blog at https://www.edubuzz.org/p7pps/

Schools Mock Court Project

The results for the Lothians Project are out:

Pursuers 5th
Defenders WINNERS

The Defenders now have to wait until the end of January to find out if they’ve reached the final!

Well done to all – a fantastic effort.  A special thank you to Amy and Elizabeth. We couldn’t have done this without their help.

Empowering Schools. A consultation on the provisions of the Education (Scotland) Bill

Your views on the Education Bill 2018, which has been developed post Governance Consultations across Scotland, are invited.

The Scottish Government is seeking views on its proposal to “create a school and teacher-led education system and therefore to empower our schools and school leaders”.

The consultation seeks stakeholder’s views on 5 key aspects:

Headteachers’ Charter
Parental and Community Engagement
Pupil Participation
Regional Improvement Collaboratives
Education Workforce Council for Scotland
Find the consultation and supporting information here through ELC website.

Open 4/12/17-21/01/18

Have your say – on ELC budget.

How to do more with less. 

It’s not good news. ELC, like other local authorities, are having to work out “How to do more, with less.” In reality, hefty cuts in non-statutory provision are expected.

As the residents of East Lothian, your views are requested. Find the Budget consultation here. Find Shaping our Services here as ELC look ahead to the need to ‘do more with less’.

60 Second Update



We were celebrating St Andrew’s Day in the nursery this week. We read “the Gruffalo” in Scots and on Thursday Donald’s dad came in to play the bagpipes for us. Thanks Bruce!


P1B have been reading stories about owls and learning about day and night. We are interested in the stars and planets.  We have also been looking at 3D shapes and finding out about their properties.  We  have been playing games involving counting money.


P1R Rainbow Targets

Each week in P1R we have 6 target activities to complete. Each task is linked to a specific area of the curriculum.

Once we have undertaken an activity we pop a coloured lollipop stick into our rainbow cup. If by the end of the week we collect each of the 6 coloured sticks  we win a rainbow sticker. It’s good for us to take responsibility for our own learning!


Primary 2

We have been decorating the desert scene and donkeys for our nativity artwork which is based around ‘Little Donkey’.

We have also been trying on our nativity costumes, and practising our lines on the stage every day.

We designed our own streets this week, making sure that we have a source of food, water, and power (if desired!)

Primary 3

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we’ve already had the glitter out! We’ve made a beautiful ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’ Christmas panel for the school hall, we love it! We’ve been practising singing all the songs for the concert and hope to see you then!




Primary 4

P4 have been making their Christmas Banner ‘We Three Kings’.  Every class is making one related to the songs from our Christmas nativity and they will be displayed in the hall. As part of our Big Writing work, we have been writing reports for aliens about children’s activities on earth.

This week the Primary 6 class have been doing their group presentations. They all then had to give peer feedback to each other. The feedback is very useful for their individual presentations that will be taking place next week.

Primary 5

We have been continuing our Big Writing adventure looking at how to write reports about our superheroes. We have finished our Jacobite topic and finally found out that the Jacobites did not eat cheesecake!

Primary 6

This week the Primary 6 class have been doing their group presentations. They all then had to give peer feedback to each other. The feedback is very useful for their individual presentations that will be taking place next week.

Primary 7

The groups are well under way creating their products and all the other things they have to do. Please see the P7 blog for some photos showing them at work: