Can You Help P7?

P7 need a couple of Playmobil vehicles – a car and a large vehicle (truck or similar).  If you have either of these can P7 please borrow them for a couple of weeks?

Many thanks – P7

Community Choir evening postponed.

Hi all, we are re-scheduling the event for Monday evening, "Oor Big and Wee Sing". The weather has had a knock-on effect…

Posted by Pencaitland Parents on Friday, March 2, 2018

Oor Big and Wee Sing

Pencaitland PS Parent Council and Community Council present


An evening with the Clark Community Choir and the start of Pencaitland’s own singing group…interested?

“WHEN?” you shout. Monday 5th March – 7-9 pm

“WHERE?” you cry. Trevelyan Hall

“WHO CAN GO?”  You, your friends, family, neighbours if they come from Pencaitland and nearby….

“An intergenerational, community choir is what we want!!” – is what we heard, and so, book your (free space) and come along, bring a pal or two and have a lovely evening – right here on our doorsteps.


Friends of Pencaitland Parks

Interested in improvements to the local park(s)? With Woodhall Park just finished – and inspiration from Ormiston Park (work in progress) and others like Cuthill Park…can Pencaitland rise to the challenge?

All our children need to play…and so you are invited to get together to help develop options.

Friday 9th March, Winton Arms, just before pick up (11-12am) is when it all starts, with a chat.

Fostering in East Lothian

Could you foster?

Spare Room – Sophie’s Room?

Do you have room in your home and your heart?We used virtual reality to show people how their spare room could change a child's life. Most hadn't considered fostering before. Watch them change their minds.

Posted by Action for Children on Saturday, January 27, 2018

If you are interested and would like to find out more…..please get in touch with

East Lothian has a significant shortfall in foster homes – someone with a spare room and caring heart could be all it takes to start the process. Applicants are supported throughout by an ELC dedicated team, to determine if this is a good opportunity and you could make a significant difference to young children in your care, so there’s no need to worry about jumping right in to delivering the care – vetting and training are part of the process.

More info can be found here.

Why do foster carers decide to foster?

Why do foster carers decide to foster? We wanted to know more. We invited them in for a chat, but there was one small catch… we didn't tell them that it wouldn't be us asking the questions.

Posted by Action for Children on Monday, January 15, 2018



60 second update


P1B enjoyed making paper dragon puppets to celebrate Chinese New Year. They also learned to use Indian bells with Mrs Davies.


We have welcomed a new pupil this week. We hope he liked the book we made for him.

Our reading book is called “the Spell”. We conjured up amazing things to put in the cauldron.

We have been learning to write our surnames in ICT time.


In P2 this week we have been finding out about numbers in nature while we were out for our woodland walk. We have been looking at how our Grandparent and Great-Grandparents lived during the War, and how this is different from our lives now.

We have also been learning about Microsoft Word and how we can use it in class, during our laptop time.


We have looked at artworks by another Scottish artist, Steven Brown’s multi-coloured Highland cow paintings, known as the ‘McCoos’. The children were inspired to create their own ‘McCoo’ using oil pastel chalks and named them after themselves. They look great!

In literacy, we’ve been learning how to write newspaper articles. We had a go at writing an article for ‘The Pencaitland Daily News’ asking everyone in the village to help us solve the mystery of the disappearing schoolbag!



This week, Primary 4 have been continuing with addition and subtraction ‘chimney sums’.  At the beginning of the week, we needed to use Most of us are getting really confident now.

On Tuesday, Luke’s dad came in to speak to us about his job as a web developer and programmer.  We all thoroughly enjoyed hearing about his job and after a recommendation from him we have started learning some basic programming skills as part of our ICT work.



This week we have started a new ‘Big Writing’ adventure, and have been creating characters for an exciting new board game. We are continuing with our sewing skills and this week have cut out pieces from a pattern to start making a toy bunny. It was our first tag rugby session on Wednesday and are all looking forward to next week.



This week primary 6 have been looking at finding the range, mean, median and mode for data. We have also been focusing on feelings, both ourselves and others. They have been writing some wonderful acrostic poems about different emotions to share with each other.




P7 are very excited about making short films for the Edinburgh International Film Festival Schools Film Competition.. The class is split into 4 groups.  Two are making news reports, one a documentary and one a short animated film.  These will be on the P7 blog later this term.


Parental Engagement meeting – Ross High School

Ross High are holding a Parental Conference at the end of March as part of the launch of the ELC Parental Engagement Strategy and we would like to invite all parents/carers of pupils in P6 and P7 from the cluster primaries that evening to join us.

Attached is an information leaflet regarding the event and additionally the link below to parents/carers for anyone who would like to sign up prior to the event – although please pass on that you are welcome to sign up to workshops on the evening.  Date:  Wednesday 28th March 5:45 until 7:30.




60 Second update


In the nursery we have been talking about keeping ourselves safe. Rowan our P7 JRSO came and spoke to us about being safe near roads and we know not to touch medicine. We have also been playing in the snow and making snowmen, and we have loved playing on the vets and wrapping bandages around all the animals.


P1B enjoyed music with Mrs Davies, where they learned to play the tambourine in time with the beat and rhythm of a song.


We have been learning about keeping healthy and what the phrase 5- a- day means. We have also been discussing our emotions and linking them to colours. We listened to music and decided what mood it put us in! In number we have been looking at the 5 plus stories and placing numbers on an empty number line. To help us write a sentence we are learning to form and name capital letters.


This week, Primary 2 have been designing their own Island homes using what we have learned so far about Island life. We have been discussing what you would need both inside and outside your house, and what the differences are between an island home and our own.

We have been continuing to work on telling the time this week, learning about ‘quarter past’ and ‘quarter to’ the hour. Most of the class are becoming really confident with this now.


We were so excited to come to school in the snow on Tuesday morning that it got us talking about lots of different vocabulary we can use to describe the cold, snowy weather. We had such good ideas that we wrote poems about the snowy day, and then we used the laptops to practise our IT skills and typed our poems out, hunting for the ‘coldest’ looking fonts and colours!

We were sad to say cheerio to Malcolm and he will be missed. Good luck in your new home up north and in your new school.



This week, Primary 4 have been continuing with addition and subtraction ‘chimney sums’. At the beginning of the week, we needed to use Most of us are getting really confident now.

On Tuesday, Luke’s dad came in to speak to us about his job as a web developer and programmer. We all thoroughly enjoyed hearing about his job and after a recommendation from him we have started learning some basic programming skills as part of our ICT work


Primary 5 have had a busy week. We have continued with our Big Drum Adventure with Mat the Hat and can now play 3 different drum rhythms. We are also continuing to learn about the impact of plastic on our environment. As part of this we have made sea animals from recycled plastic rubbish. Our sewing skills are also improving and yesterday most of us managed to make a finger puppet.



Primary 6 have been very busy this week getting ready for their class assembly.

We had our 3rd drumming session with Mat; the pupils are improving on their listening skills, rhythms and team work. We have had a drummer of the week each session; Malcolm joined The Drumming Wall of Fame this week, Isla and Rosie were the previous winners.


Last weel P7 visited the Risk Factory in Edinburgh. Not going to put any details up so that it isn’t spoilt for next years’ P7s, but suffice to say it was a very enjoyable and informative visit.

P7 have been taking part in Headstrong for the past 5 weeks. This is a programme looking at Mental Health.  This has been an interesting and very beneficial programme for the P7 children.