Consultations – Having your say.


With so many views and experiences to capture, many organisations are keen to capture ours – it could be the Primary School (pupils or staff), the Parent bodies, East Lothian Council, the Scottish Government or groups looking into Children’s Health and Well-being.

We will share as many relevant surveys here as possible – through links to online surveys mainly. Please check in regularly and share your thoughts to help shape education / schooling and more for our children in the years to come.boy-1462238_640



East Lothian Council Consultation Hub


You may be interested to keep up to date with the East Lothian Consultation Hub. This site will help you find and participate in consultations that may be pertinent to you and your family.

Short window of time to share your views on this matter – but it affects every family with a child in an E. Lothian school or nursery.

Consultation is open until 6th Dec.

VE Day Consultation.

A new, but short consultation is open –

Draft East Lothian Mental Health and Wellbeing Action Plan for Children and Young People is now out for consultation – closes 23/06/19:
Please consider responding and/or letting PC know your views by Saturday.

ELC are looking from some feedback now that the Parental Engagement Strategy is in place. The survey takes a few minutes at most – so please do give your views. Consultation open until 22nd Feb 2019.

Help Needed: Can you spare 5 minutes to help with this for PPS?

Time for Reflection / Religious Observation Policy.

What’s your say on Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland?



A Blueprint for 2020: The Expansion of Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland

Your views are being sought – consultation open until 27th May through East Lothian Consultation Hub.

or under Scot. Gov. consultation hub, open until 29th June.
Early Learning and Childcare Service Model for 2020: Consultation Paper

Empowering Schools. A consultation on the provisions of the Education (Scotland) Bill

Your views on the Education Bill 2018, which has been developed post Governance Consultations across Scotland, are invited.

Open 04/12/17 – 21/01/18.

The Scottish Government is seeking views on its proposal to “create a school and teacher-led education system and therefore to empower our schools and school leaders”.

The consultation seeks stakeholder’s views on 5 key aspects:

  • Headteachers’ Charter
  • Parental and Community Engagement
  • Pupil Participation
  • Regional Improvement Collaboratives
  • Education Workforce Council for Scotland

Find the consultation and supporting information here through ELC website.

Have your Say – East Lothian Council Budget and Shaping Services. 


Please find Budget consultation here and share your views as major changes and challenges are expected to provision in East Lothian over the next few years in Shaping our Services.

Parents and Carers views needed – National Improvement Framework. 


Through this short survey Scottish Government would like you to help them find out what matters to parents about their school and their child’s education, focusing on what needs to be done to make the improvements we all want to see.

The survey will close on October 16th and will inform the annual report for the National Improvement Framework parental involvement driver.

What’s a Safe Speed for Pencaitland’s Streets?

Following recent views expressed through social media – the Community Council and Parent Council would like to know your views. Is 20-Plenty? Do you prefer everything stays as it is?

Your chance to complete a survey can be found here.

20mph Executive Summary

Getting to School – SPTC and Sustran ask how do you get there?

Parents may have concerns about letting children walk or cycle to school or find it challenging to fit it into their busy days.

Sustrans, a national transport charity, are conducting this survey to better understand the concerns and challenges of school travel faced by parents. We will use this information to shape our services, resources and initiatives. Please take this opportunity to have your say. If you choose to provide your email address, you will be entered into a competition to win one of 20 filled goodie bags for your school.

This survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. All data collected will be anonymous. Your details and your child’s details will not be shared with any third parties.

For more information about Sustrans and what we can do for your school please contact:

If you have any queries about the survey please contact: or

School Travel Survey  – Survey now closed (30.05.17)

Bus? Cycle? Walk? Scooter? Jet plane? Sleigh?

How do YOU get to school?

Scottish Government Consultation on Unconventional Oil and Gas.

On 31 January, Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, announced the launch of the public consultation on unconventional oil and gas in Scotland. The consultation explores the evidence on the potential impacts of shale oil and gas, and coal bed methane, and the technologies involved in extraction, including hydraulic fracturing.

You can take part in this consultation by following this link. Consultation closes on 31 May 2017.

The Scottish Government has also launched a temporary ‘unconventional oil and gas’ website, aimed at providing a user-friendly route to accessing all the materials and evidence that support this consultation –

Additional Support Needs in Schools – Call for view. 

The Education and Skills Committee will hold a roundtable evidence session on 1st March on Additional Support Needs provision in school education, followed by an evidence session with the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills on 8th March on school education in general. The Committee is issuing a short call for views to inform the session and would very much welcome your, or your organisations, perspective.

A call for views page aimed at parents, children and young people, teachers and school support staff etc with direct experience of additional support needs in schools has also been created and promoted. This encourages views in any format that suits the individual.Please send submissions to

Comments required by 21st February 2017.

School Meals Menu

The proposed menu for summer term April – June 2017 is open for comment until Friday 10th Feb. Find document here. Menu Template Summer 2017 1st draft (1)

Anti-bullying Policy. 

ELC have created a policy, to be adopted in all educational establishments, for consideration following earlier consultation. This consultation is open until 31st January 2017 and precedes workshops in March. For more information, visit this link.

Citizens Panel

An opportunity to join the East Lothian Citizen’s Panel is open until 30th November 2016.

UPDATE: – Extended opportunity, so still possible to join (Jan 2017).

Join E. Lothian Citizen’s Panel

ELC Budget Consultation.

Have your say here. Consultation is open until 6th January 2017.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland


The National Parent Forum of Scotland has shared the GTC survey which is open until 29th Nov. 2016. Entitled Fitness to Teach Process, “The Fitness to Teach Rules set out the procedure that is followed when we investigate and determine the fitness to teach of our registered teachers or applicants for registration. We follow this process when we receive information that indicates that a teacher may have fallen short of the standards of conduct or professional competence that we expect.”

The consultation raises important issues about the way that we deal with and determine whether teachers are fit to teach. We welcome views from everyone and want to encourage as much debate as possible about this important matter. The consultation is relevant not just to teachers and employers of teachers but also the parents or carers of pupils and other members of the public.

Fitness to Teach consultation

Open until 29th November 2016

Scottish Government Consultation Hub can be found here



Governance in Scottish Schools

Get Involved

Empowering teachers, parents and communities to achieve excellence and equity in education: Scottish Schools Governance Review info.

Open until 6th January 2017

What are your views on Education and how it works in Scotland?

Governance Review; What could be better and what is great as it is?

You have until 6th January to submit your thoughts, even if only on 1 question. Lots of Blue Sky thinking being shared, as well as looking at what is already a great system in E. Lothian and what could be better. What do you think about Teaching and qualifications, curriculum responsibility and more?


For more information and dates / venues for Ministerial Engagement Sessions around Scotland, see below:

Ministerial Engagement Sessions – Why, Where & When



Blueprint for 2020 – Early Learning and Child Care

A Blueprint for 2020: The Expansion of Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland

Open until 9th January 2017

Scotland’s Oral Health Plan

Oral Health Plan for Scotland

Open until 8th December 2016

Stem Education and Training Strategy for Scotland

Open until 31st January 2017

Consultation on new National Health and Social Care Standards.

Open until 22nd January 2017

Education Scotland Consultations.


Reporting to Parents – Consultation

Education Scotland are consulting parents and practitioners as part of the process to develop guidance for schools and local authorities on reporting to parents.  Please fill in the questionnaire to help gather views on reporting to parents. 
The closing date for the consultation is Wednesday 30th November 2016.

 School Improvement – Consultation

 Education Scotland are consulting parents and practitioners as part of the process to develop guidance for schools and local authorities on involving parents in school improvement planning.  Please fill in the questionnaire to help gather views on school improvement. 
The closing date for the consultation is Wednesday 30th November 2016.

Standards in Scottish Schools etc. 

**Short Consultation Period** – Looking at Amendments to “the 2000 Act”

Statutory Guidance: Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc. Act 2000

Overview: This consultation seeks views on draft statutory guidance in relation to a series of amendments to the Standards in Scotland’s Schools etc. Act 2000 (“the 2000 Act”) made by Part 1 of the Education (Scotland) Act 2016. In summary, the draft statutory guidance has been developed to support those who will have responsibility for various duties in relation to:

  • the National Improvement Framework (NIF);
  • reducing inequalities of outcomes for pupils experiencing them as a result of socio-economic disadvantage, and;
  • planning and reporting duties at school and education authority levels

Relevant information can also be found Statutory Guidance for Scottish Schools supporting docs.

Open until 11th November 2016

Three Surveys included in next link – Review of Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement Act) 2006: A Call for Evidence.

Overview: The National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) are conducting a review on behalf of Scottish Ministers into the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 and surrounding policy framework on involving and engaging parents.

This review aims to:

  • identify and celebrate what has been achieved in 10 years, ie. to identify “what works” and what has worked over the last 10 years
  • consider the impact of the Parental Involvement Act and the extent to which it has achieved it original aims under the three strands of the legislative and policy framework – Learning at Home, Home/School Partnership and Parental Representation
  • take account of more recent developments including the renewed emphasis on raising attainment and closing the gap, the National Improvement Framework, Scottish Attainment Challenge and innovative models of parent involvement – and consider how policy and practice should respond to these priorities in future
  • make recommendations to Scottish Ministers on the future policy and legal framework on parental engagement.

Parents, Carers and family members are invited to click on the link below to send their views:   Parent Councils are invited to click on the link:  Both these surveys close on 31st October 2016.

Organisations and professionals are invited to click on the link below: Closes 6th Nov 2016

Haddington & Lammermuir Area Partnership 4 Wishes Survey

LAST DAY – Closes 7th November 2016

Draft Development Briefs – East Lothian Proposed Development Plan

Consultation also closing on 7th Nov 2016