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The Parent Council needs your help. We are always on the lookout for parents/carers who can help with a variety of parent council initiatives. If you are able to come along to meetings, help on a one off basis or even offer your services in other ways then all help is welcome.

If you are interested please contact the Parent Council through class reps or email below.



At our AGM in Sept, we were delighted to have a good number of returning members – and a new volunteer.

Both Erica Burberry and Paula Baillie resigned from their roles as Chair and Vice Chair respectively but have remained members. Loreen Pardoe is continuing to support as Clerk and parent member, but meetings will run on a rotating-Chair basis meantime.

Gratitude and appreciation were shown for the participation and support of Erica, Paula and resigning members Flor and Ian (co-opted) over past year, with particular thanks to Jim Fraser, who continued as a co-opted member supporting the development of Pupil Voice with Emily Govan over past year, but now is finally saying farewell to the parent council as his daughter moved up to High School.

Other returning members – Catherine Ramsay, Kim Wells, Emma Pearce, Jessica MacDonald, Lydia Macdonald, Papiya Russell and Annie Rankine (as co-opted member). Thanks also to Sarah Campbell, for volunteering to join the PC and Ralph Averbuch, who will continue as Community Representative.

Sarah Morgan thanked all for their commitment to the school community and support to herself and to the staff team. She noted that her time at the school is one which was made all the more enjoyable by the work with the parent council and PTA, strengthening the bonds between families and the school’s pupils and staff. Particular thanks noted to Erica for her excellent chairing of the meetings and support to headteachers Pauline McKay, who covered school from Aug – Oct and herself, who joined after the October break.

Your new reps/contacts for 2020/21 are therefore as follows:

Sarah Campbell – Nursery. Jessica Macdonald, P1. Catherine Ramsay, P1/2. Emma Pearce, P3. Kimberley, P4. Erica Burberry / Loreen Pardoe, P5. Paula Baillie, / Lydia Macdonald, P6. Papiya Russell / Annie Rankine, P7

A leaflet has been produced to highlight the role of your Parent Council and explain how you can get involved.  You can view the leaflet here.  (Please note, the leaflet is intended to be printed and folded into 3).

Other (non-voting) members of the Parent Council include:

  • Katharine Ranyard (Teacher Representative)
  • Sarah Morgan (Head Teacher – advisor to PC)
  • Councillor John McMillan (Provost)
  • Councillor Shamin Ahktar
  • Councillor Tom Trotter
  • Councillor Craig Hoy
  • Pencaitland CC Chair Ralph Averbuch

The Parent Council meets approximately six weeks during term time. We are the ‘sprinkles on the doughnut’ – all parents and carers of children in PPS being ‘the delicious doughnut’. Together with staff and pupils, inside the broad spectrum of Scottish Education, we sprinkle on our varying insights and talents great or small, strengthening partnership between school, community and home so that we can maximise the experiences of children during their Primary and Nursery years. The doughnut would be wonderful without us, but we do our best to add a little more. We also regularly attend the East Lothian Association of Parent Councils and are supported by ELC Senior Business Manager Bev Skirrow & colleague, Claire.

If you have a concern, question or interest of benefit to share, please contact your class rep or any other parent member. Where there is a group concern or wider issue requiring clarification or understanding, your parent council will work towards informing and addressing the issue for the school body. We liaise with the “Pupil Body” too, to ensure good communication and understanding of where we can support our pupils. There is also an excellent working relationship with the PTA, giving PPS a strong, secure support system.

To find out more about the Parent Council, why it exists and what we need from the wider PPS Parent Forum, of which all parents and carers are automatically a part, to work well – have a little look here.

*Current updates for 20/21 members coming soon.*

Erica Burberry
Erica BurberryHaving it all isn’t all it is cracked up to be. Erica, mum to Robyn and Alistair, prefers when at all possible, to conceal her polished professional manner beneath a thin veneer of scruffy mum-ness. A trained child counsellor, now working for NHS, needs a good life-work-family balance, so when not at work Erica can be most commonly found hiding out in her garden in the Boggs or running through the countryside. Originally from Perthshire, she relocated from Edinburgh to Pencaitland several years ago, following a long house renovation saga. She hopes to bring to the Parent Council a listening ear and a particular interest in anything that is not on the agenda.

 Emma Pearce


Catherine Ramsay


Loreen Pardoe (Rep/Clerk)
Loreen PardoeLoreen Pardoe joined this Parent Council in November 2015, but she originally joined PPS PC when it first formed in 2006. Glutton for punishment, she also was a member of Ross High PC at the same time and history repeats itself now. Loreen moved to Pencaitland in 1992  so, with 5th of five kids now in PPS, it was inevitable she’d be involved in supporting school again. In Aug 2017 Loreen also stepped up to being Clerk. Married to Stu, chief doggy walker to Jake and as mum to many, life is very busy, but Loreen is always happy to chat about anything good for the kids. Particular interests in play, child development, intergenerational practice, health and well-being with background in nursing, education, early years, additional support needs and in business, so occasionally speaks sense.

Paula Baillie





Kim Wells


Papiya Russell




Sarah Campbell




Jessica Macdonald




Lydia Macdonald




Annie Rankine (Co-opted member)




Ralph Averbuch, Community Council Rep
Ralph AverbuchOriginally from Edinburgh, Ralph Averbuch moved to Pencaitland in May 2003 with his wife Sheila, after having lived in London and Dublin for nine years, working in digital media and Internet start-ups. Ralph has two kids currently at Ross High School after attending PPS. With Sheila, he runs a home-based digital marketing communications company. Actively involved in local issues, Ralph joined Pencaitland Primary School’s Parent Council in 2009. He joined Pencaitland Community Council in March 2011, becoming Chair in June 2011.

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