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Parents as Partners          

Why work with your kids school? It is a great way to boost their learning. (Evidence based). Schools with have an open and inclusive work ethic have better support, more effective relationships centering around pupil learning and focus for individual children. With strong parent and carer involvement, there also is better connection partners-floor-puzzlewith the community, creating strong opportunity for a belief and interest in the youth part of the area. This support is important. This interest in our own children and their peers fosters a strong ‘Can Do’ attitude and both families and school staff can develop a trust and belief in each other. For more info, read here: Parental Involvement, a 2-way partnership

In addition to all this, parents and carers will gain a far better understanding of what the pupils are doing, approaches to learning and systems of learning. This familiarity builds more understanding and confidence in supporting our children, which maximises their experience of Primary School and creates a great foundation for the more taxing years of adolescence and Secondary School.

Session Dates

Session Dates / School Holidays for 2016-17

“School Dinners”. Food and Drink in School.

Winter Menu currently available:

Children are also welcome to take a packed lunch from home rather than eat prepared meals. Children in p1 to p3 are entitled to free school meals also, including a packed lunch from the school catering team on a Friday lunchtime. Further provision to help families in financial hardship exist throughout the remainder of school also. P1 and P2 children also benefit from free fruit several times a week, and milk can be purchased for all on a term or annual basis at a subsidised cost.

Children are encouraged to drink when required through the day. Water is preferred. No drinks are allowed close to laptops or other electrical / similar products in class. The school follows ELC guidelines for Healthy Choices and promotion of Healthy Choices for life.

ELC: Healthy Eating in Schools

SCOT GOV: School Meals



Parent Council Toolkit

Are you interested in your school’s Parent Council? Parent Councils provide an opportunity to become involved in your child’s school community. Your contribution to the life of the school will be much appreciated. This leaflet is designed for new Parent Council members, to help them understand their role and signpost them to sources of information and support, but it can also be useful to others. To find out more about PPS Parent Council, take a look here. 


Nursery Place Information  

Funded Nursery Places: Funded Nursery Places. Information from ELC

600 Hours information, including funding for 2 yr olds.                                                         If you think your two year old may qualify, please phone 01620 828786/820186 – the person you speak to will be able to tell you if your child qualifies. If this is the case you will be sent a form to complete and return. Two year olds who are eligible are more often found to attend Pencaitland Playgroup, but calling the number above is recommended, to discuss your situation. 600 Hours information.

General information to apply for a Nursery Place. ELC Nursery School Places information

Application Form to apply for a Nursery Place. ELC Nursery Application Form

Pencaitland Nursery Class nursery-place-applications – what you need to apply.

Care InspectorateCare Inspectorate Report 2015. (The most recent inspection report can be viewed here).

UNCRC – 54 Articles protecting and safe guarding children.


The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by UK in 1991 and forms key elements of all Policy concerning children (0-17 yrs). This includes Education and Equality. It is a key driver in children thriving.

If you would like to know more, the Scot Gov Guide is here: UNCRC Guide or Save The Children’s information here: Save The Children – Children’s Rights

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