Educating Scotland – Learning and Teaching.

What happens in Scottish Schools?

Curriculum for Excellence was introduced to a mixture of great acclaim, (though also considerable confusion for many staff in schools). A great deal of training was put into place for Scottish Schools to review, adapt and embrace this new curriculum.

It works on a principle of learning as a continuum throughout childhood and the wider concepts of education, running from 3-18 yrs.


Find more information on Curriculum for Excellence see our post in Parents’ Information.

Curriculum Areas information. Please follow the link for a great deal of information which we hope you will find useful.

Early Learning and Childcare information. In Scotland – Early Years relates from pre-birth to 8 yrs.

UN Convention The Rights of the Child. This underpins all policies and strategies relating to children in the UK. (Big file, so probably best to avoid opening on a smartphone).

Assessing Children’s Progress: A Guide for ParentsĀ and Carers. More information here: Be at the heart of your children’s learning.