Paying for School Expenses Online.


How To Do It?

  1. Follow this link or, alternatively, log on to East Lothian Council’s homepage at and click on the PAY FOR IT button. (Both links will open in a new tab, and this page will stay open.)
  2. Select Primary School Payments from the list
  3. Select Pencaitland Primary School from the drop down list
  4. Fill in the details as requested and follow the instructions online – It is very important that you include the additional information to let us know what your payment is in respect of.
  5. Confirmation – when your payment has been completed you will be issued with a reference number.  This is your record of payment however you can also request an email confirmation

Paying for more than one child/different items

If you are paying for a visit or milk for several children you can do this in one payment if you name the children individually in the ‘Additional Information’ box.

Please keep payments for different items separate to allow us to record the payments appropriately.


You can make a variety of payments using this secure site with most major credit or debit cards (not Diners Card or American Express). If you pay by credit card, a surcharge of 1.4% for personal credit cards or 2.4% for commercial credit cards will be added to cover the Bank charges incurred by the Council. No surcharges are added to debit card payments.

Information & Payment Help

Please select the fund for which you wish to make a payment from the left hand menu. This will then take you to the Account details page. Please note it is advisable to wait for the Payment Accepted screen to appear before pressing any buttons once you have pressed the Continue button on the Card Details page.

We hope that this facility will be helpful to you however we do ask that great care is taken when completing the relevant sections to ensure ELC dept can reconcile your payments in school.  Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us or your school admin staff may be able to assist.

Summer 2017

A working group are currently looking in to expanding this service to cover school meal payments in Primary School also, however it is not possible to pay for lunches in Primary School as yet.