Year of the Dad

Dads make a BIG Difference.

We are fortunate in Pencaitland, not only do we have lots of dads and step-dads involved in the school events, members of the Parent Council and many in the playground dropping off and picking up kids, (not forgetting the grandads, uncles and big brothers too)….but we also have a lot of strong interest in how the kids are learning, and very high involvement in the welfare of the kids, in and out of school.



2016 has been Year of the Dad. Lots of work by and for fathers across Scotland with particular focus from Fathers Network Scotland, Dads Rock and DadsWork in East Lothian. Year of the Dad may be coming to an end, but their work and partnership continues.



  • Young children who receive lots of affection from their dad will have a more secure relationship with him.
  • Children whose fathers are involved in their life are more likely to be emotionally secure, confident to explore their surroundings, and have a better social connection with their peers.
  • Men who are involved in their child’s life feel more confident and effective as a parent or carer, find parenthood more enjoyable, feel more important to their child, and feel encouraged to be involved.
  • When fathers are involved in their child’s everyday activities (e.g., eating meals together, reading and helping with homework), children tend to have fewer behaviour difficulties and better social skills.
  • How a father feels about being a dad and how he cares for his child has a large influence on a child’s social and emotional development. Children whose fathers feel good about being a dad and are sensitive and responsive to their needs tend to have better social and emotional skills.

Supporting our children from the youngest years right through is found to make a significant difference and dads play a particular role with reading to children, rough and tumble play, adventurous play, learning experiences and mentoring self control, especially when they also accept and encourage sharing of emotions.