Fundraising – the easy way.

Fundraising Fundamentals.

PPS School Lottery & Easyfundraising.

It’s all about the kids….

We know:          not everyone can pitch in and help with events.

We know:          not everyone, who would like to help us fundraise for experiences,          equipment and supplies for the pupils, is nearby.

We know:        of generous grandparents, aunts and uncles and godparents even, who are keen to pitch in when possible).

We know:         not all our ideas can come to fruition, down to time and number of helpers available.

We know:         so, we now have the simplest solution. Sign up to our School Lottery and with every payment made, you can help fundraise. Sign up to Easyfundraising and you can raise money without spending a penny extra, just link to us and your online purchases could support the school.

We know:         it’s brilliant, isn’t it 🙂