Grandparents Day – Friday 16 March

All grandparents/substitute grandparents welcome.  Please bring along any artefacts from your school days. 

The format of the morning – All grandparents will gather in the school hall around 9am. P7 guides will lead them around the school, visiting each class for ten minutes where they will see aspects of technology being used in each classroom. 

Some P7s will record any grandparents who’d be happy to talk about their artefact or
experience at school – really a Grandparents Show and Tell.  We’ll then be able to use this as a resource within the school. 

After the guided tour the grandparents will re-group in the dining area/hall for a well-deserved cuppa and chat. The morning will finish at 11.15am when pupils begin their Golden Time.

Grandparents of pupils in the nursery that morning may visit the nursery between 11.15 and 11.45am.

Full House for First Grandparents Day

We had a very successful first Grandparents’ Day on Friday, 14 May. The turnout was amazing and the sun was out too! One hundred enthusiastic and happy grandparents piled into the dining room area to get good viewing seats for the start of the morning activities. Both the Parent Council and the school were delighted with the tremendous support for the event.

The day started with a school assembly with every class doing something to entertain our guests. There was singing, “When I’m 64” and “You cannae shove yer granny off the bus”, poems, drawings, and even a sketch based on a classic piece of Monty Python – I don’t think we will ever really know how different it was growing up in the 1940s compared to now! There was much laughter in the hall throughout the performance. Click for full report plus pictures and video.