Pencaitland Parent Council AGM Report

Following the recent AGM of Pencaitland Primary School’s Parent Council, you can view the Chair’s and Head Teacher’s reports by visiting this page.

Parent Council News

The Parent Council  have 4 vacancies they hope to fill.  If you are interested in joining, you can get in touch with the chair (Carol Snow) by emailing

The Parent Council are also looking for a clerk.  If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Val McIntyre at East Lothian Council or 01620 827 228.

Christine Galvin the current clerk would also be happy to chat about the role with anyone who is interested.

Parent Council Update – October 2011

Dear Parents,

Sarah Kurt-ElliNow that everyone is hopefully settled in to a new school year, we thought we would take the opportunity to let you know a little about the purpose of the Parent Council, it’s work over the past year and our plans for the year ahead. We hope that this covers most questions you might have, but please get in touch if you want to know more. Just click the link below…

Sarah Kurt-Elli

Chair, Pencaitland Parent Council
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Public Consultation on “The School Handbook”

As a parent you may be unaware that regulations require education authorities to provide certain information each year to parents/carers (usually known as “the school handbook”) about the school which their child attends. This information may be available in a range of formats and could be included as part of the school’s annual report.

It typically covers a range of information such as transport facilities, school meal provision, post-school destinations, additional support for learning, discipline and school rules, enforcement of attendance, specialist provision, attainment in National Qualifications and placing requests.

The changes currently taking place in 3-18 education in Scotland through Curriculum for Excellence suggest the current requirements for the school handbook need to be refreshed and updated to ensure it is more relevant and helpful for parents, and more consistent with the values, purposes and principles of Curriculum for Excellence.

The Scottish government is seeking your views on the future requirements for providing the right kinds of information for parents and carers about their child’s school, which opened in mid November and will end on 14 March 2011.

The consultation questionnaire can be accessed online should you wish to make your thoughts and views known.

Pencaitland Parent Council
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Practice Makes Perfect

Can you remember how difficult it was practising an instrument on your own and feeling that you were never going to improve?

Can you help with Recorder practice at Pencaitland Primary School?We would like to support the recorder lessons that are being taught in P4 to P7 and we would you like your help. Could you spare an hour every month or so to help small groups of children with recorder practice? You don’t need to be a good player, just be available to help a group organise their practice time and progress. Our music specialist, Mrs Peebles, is happy to give tips and advice to get us started.

If you are able to help with practice, either at lunchtimes or after school, please return the form [PDF] or e-mail the following information to the school office, or speak to Dorothy Ogilvy or any members of the Parent Council.

Contact details: Tel/Mobile
Potential availability (preferred days):