Petition concerning Appointment of Permanent Deputy Headteacher at Pencaitland Primary School

Dear Parent,

You may not be aware that our current Deputy Headteacher was appointed on a temporary basis last year. Her appointment is coming to an end.

East Lothian Council has now decided to make this a permanent post, which is great news. However, they will NOT be advertising the post and the current serving Deputy cannot just stay on in the post. Instead, they intend to redeploy a Deputy Head from elsewhere. Redeployment is an exception to the normal recruitment and selection process but they must still consult with the Parent Council before deciding to do this and they have not done so. The decision was already made and ELC did not have regard to the views of the Parent Council.

The Parent Council believes that both the Parent Council and the School should be involved in the recruitment and selection process and that the appointment to the Deputy Head post at Pencaitland Primary is carried out in a fair and transparent way.

The Parent Council is asking you to sign a petition to protest against the Council’s plans to circumvent statutory requirements. Respond on-line now at or print and sign below and return to the School reception not later than 9am Friday the 10th of June. There will also be members of the Parent Council collecting signatures at the school gates and at the Art Exhibition on Wednesday.

The more signatures the better, so please encourage other parents, grandparents, carers, childminders etc… to sign.

We need to act fast, so please make sure you respond immediately. If you care about your school, then make your voice heard!

Thank You.

The Parent Council

I/We strongly object to East Lothian Council’s decision to redeploy another Deputy Headteacher to Pencaitland Primary School without prior consultation with the Parent Council. I/We support the Parent Council in their endeavours to ensure that proper statutory requirements are followed so that the Deputy head post at Pencaitland Primary School is recruited fairly and with the involvement of the School and the Parent Council.

Signed _________________________________ NAME(s)_______________________________


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Ralph Averbuch

Ralph Averbuch is a parent with two children at Pencaitland Primary School and was selected to be a Parent Council member for 2009/2010.