Proposed strike action EIS/AHDS – 24 November 2022

Dear Parents/ Carers

We have been informed that the EIS (Educational Institute of Scotland) and the AHDS (Association of Head Teachers and Deputes Scotland) are proposing strike action on Thursday 24 November. We are currently assessing the impact of this proposed action and will be back in touch with you early next week to confirm the school’s arrangements for that day.

Kind regards

Colette Bonnar
Head Teacher

ELVIS kids

Recently, we published evidence that nasal irrigation with salt water helped reduce the cold in adults. We have also shown the mechanism for how salt water helps with the common cold when applied on the nasal epithelium. Our research showed that cells use the chloride from the salt water to fight viral infections.  Hence, we are now testing if salt water nose drops helps children fight the cold.


If you have a child under 7 years of age, you may be able to join the fight.

The Children’s Hospital in Edinburgh are doing a study of salt water nose drops to see if it helps get rid of the cold faster.

Your child does not need to have a cold right now to take part!

You can join right now by calling/texting 07973657457 for an appointment to sign up and to be taught what to do the next time your child has a cold.

Your child does not need to attend.

Families completing the study will receive travel expenses and a £30 voucher to compensate for any inconvenience.

Further information is in the attached flyer or at ; Twitter: @elviskids; Facebook: Elvis Kids.

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