News4U visits the Arctic Circle Forum

Some of our followers on Twitter will know that the News4U Podcast Group was invited by  Nordic Horizons to ask some questions of a group of important people coming to  the Arctic Circle Forum. We made a film which you can see here.

They were so pleased with it , they asked us to come and help them at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. So we came along on two days, we saw Nicola Sturgeon ( she left before we could interview her ) . We recorded lots of interviews with all sorts of people; professors, authors, people from WWF, Icelanders, Greenlanders, Sami and even architects. It was a great learning experience, we learnt about global warming, the Arctic and how other people live.  We took lots of pictures and tweeted. The Scottish Government re-tweeted us. We are also grateful for Mary and Stephen our parent helpers.


What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 20 November 2017


Football Sessions (various classes)
Nursery – Nature Nurture
P7 News4U to the Assembly Rooms
Table Tennis Sessions (P6 & P7 pupils)


Flu Vaccinations
P7 News4U to the Assembly Rooms
Football Sessions (Nursery & P1c)
Credit Union (am)
P4b Swimming Lessons (Musselburgh Sports Centre)
Cello Lessons
Music Sessions (various classes)


P4b Swimming Lessons (Musselburgh Sports Centre)
P1 and P2 Pupils – Music Sessions
Drop-in “Tea & Toast” (Nurture Room)
Violin Lessons
PE Sessions (various classes)


PE sessions (various classes)
Visitors from Poppy Factory to see P5 and P6 pupils


PE Sessions (various classes)

In 5A we have been….

This week we have been acting like evacuees back in WW2 – Aidan Mc

We were learning about evacuees and them going on trains and what their experiences would be like – Lyall

Most people are really committed to our topic! – Emma

We have learned there were mickey mouse gasmasks for kids – Natalia

In PE we have been doing badminton the last couple of weeks and we’re pretty good at it. – Jayden

We have been learning how to go on google docs and have been pasting photos from WW2 like gasmasks on to the doc – Connie

Codeword: Marbles


P3b Update

P3b have been discussing all of the things we have learned this week.

We have now completed our background artwork using oil pastels and a green wash for the woodland and have now started to make our display. Tayler

In science we have learned about the sorting different types of animals and now feel more confident at this.  We’ve also sorted leaves into different piles and worked out which tree they came from.  We know that their are simple and compound leaves.  We enjoyed going out into the garden to search for different leaves.(Callie and Steffan)

I  writing we drew a picture  thinking about what Roundabout Land looks like.  We used our senses to describe the setting of this land and next week we hope to use this to write our own setting of Roundabout land. (Tayler and Robert)

In maths we have been learning about area and converting cm into mm.  Some of us now know how to do this all by ourselves.

Some of us have also shared our learning with the rest of the school at today’s assembly.  Well done!

As you can see lots of learning has taken place this week.



This week in P6a




This week P6a have been learning a 1940’s dance called the Lindy Hop. We went down to the dance studio to working with a partner. We all enjoyed.

Tegan: some of it was hard but it was Fun showing our dances to each other.

Sami: It was fun because we were working together.

Tanya: It was cool.

Miya: It was really fun.

We also went outdoors to learn about chronological order; we had to make a giant time line of important events in history.

Jack: it was very good and I enjoyed.

Charlie: it was really fun and we got to learn new skills.

Here are some pictures of our week.

By Tegan and Rebecca





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