P.1A Newsround

P.1A had another busy week last week, continuing with our Space topic and watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon! We also learned about features of space-ships and designed our own, ready to be built next week (we will need lots of recycling to do this- plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, toilet rolls etc. so please send in as much as you can). One design stood out from the rest, including such thoughtful additions as garlic bread for the aliens- and even the kitchen sink! You’ll find it below:

We also learned about the story of Jesus feeding the five-thousand,  began learning about half-past times, spent some QT with our Buddies, and lots more. Here are some highlights:

  • I liked having walk a mile with my buddy, and we found Thor’s hammer (from Avengers)!
  • Playing in the sand- with the astronauts and rocket ship.
  • Playing in the sand- playing with the rocket ship.
  • Playing with the little world toys in the Funky Fingers.
  • Seeing my buddy and seeing Mrs Garvie and giving her cuddles- and Mrs Archibald.

Another wonderful week in P1C

This week we learned about the different parts of a rocket and we designed our own rocket which we will build next week. We are so excited to build our very own rocket!

We have been continuing with our show and tell in P1C, which we are really enjoying. Some of the wonderful achievements shared this week included certificates for swimming and football and art projects completed at home. Some boys and girls showed photos of them doing their favourite out of school activity, these included ballet dancing and singing.

We have been developing our ICT skills this week as our P7 buddies came to visit us and they helped us to type in our special login details, login and logout.

Here are some highlights from the children and some pictures of us with our P7 buddies!

P1C highlights:

I loved colouring in and reading words about space – Finlay

I loved singing the months of the year song – Rikku

I really really liked using the chrome books with my buddy – Gabe


Learning through craft and play.

We have been learning o’clock and half past this week and identifying the time on a digital and analogue clock.

After learning about Diwali in term 2, Primary 1 are learning about some Biblical and Moral stories. They have designed their own 5 loaves and two fish plate.

We have also been learning all about Astronauts and have began designing our own rocket ships that we will make next week out of recycled materials.

What does play look like in P2A?

Play is continuously developing in our classroom. Play is a fundamental part of for primary aged children and particularly in the early years. Amongst many other things, it allows the children to extend and apply their learning, be creative, develop social skills and allows them to explore their imagination.  The children are very keen to show their adults at home around the classroom and for you to see what play is like in our P2 classroom. Below you will see some photos of the different areas of our classroom.

We hope to invite you in after the Easter holidays one morning to see it for yourselves.

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