Primary 1C news!

We have had a very busy time in Primary 1C this week! We have been having so much fun at football. This week was a bit wet so we were in the dance studio and we were working on lots of different skills including trying to control the ball and keep it close to  us. We were playing a really fun game where Mrs Davidson had to be a sleeping giant and if she woke up we had to put our foot on the ball and keep it still. At the end we gave her a big fright!!

We did some cooperative learning for the first time this week. This is where we have to work as a group and each  of the members of the group have a different role. We had to come up with a team name and a team flag. As you can see in the photos – we worked so hard in our teams and Mrs Davidson was so impressed!!


P3b Update

Today we discussed our learning this week and here are a few things that we would like to share.

In science we put animals in their habitats and talked about how these habitats  were good for them. Tayler

We used different materials to create some fairies for our Enchanted Wood. Some bits were tricky but we did it and they look great! Lacey

In writing we have started to invent our own land by drawing a picture of it.  Alfie.

In maths, we made a fairy door for Silky because some Goblins broke her door. We had to use a ruler to measure the length of different parts of the door and then decorate the door.  Robert

We started learning about kg and g.  We had to help Miss Heatherill with her shopping bag by making sure heavy items were at the bottom and lighter items were at the top.  We know that there are 1000g in a kg.  Kayla

In Health and Wellbeing we have been looking at friendship we spoke about what makes a good friend.  We also did a lesson with an apple. We said nice things to one and not so nice things to the other.  We learned that if we say nice things it makes people happy and if we don’t nice things, people hurt inside.



Primary 1a have been very busy recently. We’ve had visitors in school to teach us some football and karate skills, we’ve been learning lots of different things about Pirates and continue to learn about numbers and lots of new sounds.

‘This week our sounds were k and j.’ Teaghan

‘You wobble like jelly for j.’ Freddie

We have also been writing about different jobs that pirates had on their ships. We learned a song to help us remember all the different jobs – maybe your child could sing this to you at home 🙂

In maths we have been focussing on Data Handling.

‘We have been learning about bar charts.’ Alex

Tally marks and bar charts give you information.’ Steinar

Our number focus at the moment is addition, we have been learning how to add numbers and count on from the bigger number in the sum.

‘You put the big number in your head.’ Aaron W

‘You count on from the big number.’ Ben

Sometimes this can be quite tricky, we know it’s okay to use our fingers or cubes to help us.

Please don’t forget that we have our trip to the library on Tuesday morning. The weather forecast is dry but please make sure your child comes to school with outdoor footwear and a cosy coat – the walk to the library might take us a while.

Enjoy your weekend. We’ll update you on our learning again soon.

Primary 1a and Mrs Denham

Learning in P4a this week!

This week in badminton we were trying to see how many times we could hit the  shuttle with the badminton racket without dropping it. We were also playing a badminton match.

In science we were making jelly to see what sort of things would affect the rate that jelly dissolves at.

On Monday we had another music workshop with Connor and Stewart. We were listening to songs and trying to keep the rhythm with our boomwhackers. We loved doing it to ‘We Will Rock You’.

In numeracy, some of us have been learning about halves and quarters. We were trying to write a fraction and match it to a picture.

For our Harry Potter IDL topic, we did some fun drama games. We created questions to ask key characters and we had to ask them to characters in role and respond in role. This was called hot seating and Caiyden was  a very convincing Dudley, Megan and Shye were a very scary Aunt Petunia and Hannah was a very knowledgeable Harry Potter!

‘I enjoyed being in the hot seat because I loved answering the questions!’ – Hannah

‘I liked being in the music workshop with Connor and Stewart!’ – Callan

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