P.1B Newsround

P.1B had a busy few weeks leading up to the half-term break, which included learning about time in Maths (seasons, months and birthdays, days of the week and analogue o’clock times) and learning about why the rainforest is being destroyed- and what we can do about it! We also enjoyed a visit from PC Smith who gave us lots of information about being a policeman, and we used these facts to write a report. Here is what we found out:

Gruffalos: Police put criminals in jail. They have a vest to protect them.

Rainbow Fish: Police put handcuffs on baddies.

Elmers: Police put bad people in handcuffs. Some have guns. They have a radio.

Tigers: Police have guns at airports. They have handcuffs.

The children have been working hard and all deserve a well-earned break. Have a lovely holiday and we’ll see you again on Tuesday 20th February.


This week we have been making a castle tower – we have been continuing to create our designs using paint, crayon, pen and card. We have learnt about pneumatics and hydraulics in science and are making a system to use in our castle towers to make something pop out the top of it.

We have also been learning about colour poems. We created a book using a colour of our choice. We used our senses to think of things that reminded us of that colour and tried to include nouns, adjectives and verbs – e.g. black – a spider crawling up the wall. It was fun!

We are excited it is the holiday!

P3a and Miss Christie

P1C update!

This week we have been learning about Deforestation! We were learning about what would happen if we cut down all the trees. We wanted to tell everyone in the school to help save the rainforest so we decided to make some posters which you can see in the photos. At the craft table this week we had plasticine out and we were making rainforests and rainforest animals which you can see in the pictures. You can also see pictures of us with our talking partners discussing why we need to save the rainforests!

We have also been practising our letters and numbers which you can see in the photos too!

Have a lovely holiday!

P5a Engineering Experience

P5a have been working so hard on their survival topic. This week their challenge was to solve an engineering problem by using only a set amount of scavenged materials. The groups had to apply learning from last week, and use LOTS of problem solving skills to try and only use wind power to lift an object from below ground level. It was very tricky, but everyone made adaptations and knew what to do if they had another crack at it. Check out the photos to get an idea of how they got on.

Not only that, the whole class wrote some pretty spectacular imaginative pieces this week about a character who encountered a dilemma. The descriptive language on show in some pieces of writing made it feel like you were there!

Enjoy your February break!

-Mr Drysdale

“We were in our survival groups using only lollipop sticks, a cup, black sheet of card, square of cardboard, 5 paper straws and a spindle and wheel and string and scissors and tape.” – Daryl

“To plan we had one draft, our partners draft and then the team leader decided which to do” – Abbie

“We had different roles to help us contribute better. The first was team leader, second was resources manager, the third was role monitor and the last was the plan perfectionist.” – Emma.



Debating the Issues

P7A have been learning about the Scottish Parliament as part of their Scotland topic.  We have found out the powers that the Scottish Parliament has, how MSPs are elected and how new laws are made.  We looked at the debating chamber in the Parliament building and at the structure of a debate.

We then carried out our own debate.  We researched the issues surrounding the re-introduction of beavers to the wild in Scotland, looking at the pros and cons.  Then we held a debate after we had selected a Presiding Officer.  The class voted and since it was a draw, the Presiding Officer had the deciding vote.  We decided that beavers shouldn’t be re-released. (We then later found out that the real vote had happened in 2016 and the beavers were allowed to be re-introduced….)


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