Lets Celebrate

'It's a dragon, look, look, it's a dragon.'

We have celebrated Chinese New Year and Rabbie Burns this week. The children have been hearing about how our cultures celebrate these events in different ways. For Chinese New Year we enjoyed hearing the story of how the animals had a race across the river to see who the New Year would be named after and thought the rat was very ‘crafty’ climbing on to the ox and jumping to shore first. We discovered which animal year we were born in. Most of the morning group were born in the year of the pig and the afternoon group in the year of the rat. We made a dragon head to use in our parade and lucky money envelopes for Good Fortune.

These are given to children to wish them Good Fortune.

We enjoyed making and eating our Chinese banquet of stir fried vegetables and rice, dressing up in traditional Chinese dress and learning to say ‘Ni hao’ (hello) to our friends.
For Burns Day we had haggis, tatties and neeps for snack and danced to some Scottish music. Some of our musicians are showing lots of talent as they beat out the rhythm on the drums. We addressed the haggis with a Burns poem and listened to ‘My love is like a red, red rose’. We made our own tartans at the gluing table and looked at the huge variety of tartan patterns.