P5 Robert Burns inspired Poems

In class, we have been learning the first two verses of ”Address to a Haggis” by Robert Burns and also enjoyed the recent Burns show where actors performed a play about the life and works of Robert Burns. At the end of the performance we were able to ask the actors questions.
One pupil asked what Robert Burns would write about if he was alive today? This gave our class the idea of writing our poems in the style of “Address to a Haggis” but making it about things we really enjoy doing today, such as playing with loom bands or tablets.

Address to a Pizza Pie
Fair fa your greasy cheesy face,
Great chieftain o’ the pizza race,
Aboon then a eye stuff ya crust,
Cheese, tomato or gherkins,
Weel or ya worthy o’ a pizza pie,
As lang’s my crust.

Address to a Tablet
Fair fa’ your long, shiny face,
Great chieftain o’ the tablet race
Aboon them a’ ye play your place
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Apps,
Weel are ye worthy o’ a game,
As langs my charger.

Address to a Lego Movie
Fair fa’ a micro manager,
Great chieftain or you’d be cragilised,
Aboon them a you emmats wrench wildstile,
Batman or putruvieus,
Well ow you worthy or you’ll be kilt as long as Lego.

The groaning trencher there you build,
Your Lego like a distant fly,
Your Lego fin would help to swim,
In time o’ need.

Address to Minecraft
Fair fa’ your iron face,
Great chieftain o’ the minecraft race,
Aboon them stampy tak your place,
Steve L for Lee or squid,
Weel are ye worthy o’ a bare,
As langs my block.

Address to a Puppy
Fair fa’ your cute furry face,
Great cuteness o’ the puppy race,
Aboon them a’ ye win da race,
Toys, treats or furriness
As lang’s my paw.

The barking pup there ye see,
You’re such a glorious sight indeed,
You bark wad help to round up sheep in time o’ need,
While napping now you’re wild and free.

Address to a Loom
Fair fa’ your stretchy twangey face,
Great chieftain o’ the loom band race
Aboon them a’ you tak your place,
Bands, S-clips or hook
Weel ye worthy o’ a grace,
As lang’s my loom.

Address to a Wimp
Fair Fa’ your funny wimpy face
Great chieftain o’ the Roderick rules
Aboon them a you run away
Manny, Roderick and Rowley
Weel are ye worthy o’ a wimp
As wimpy as me.

Address to a Telly
Fait fa your wide 3D face,
Great chieftain oh the cinema race,
Aboon them a you tak ma remote,
Play, record, play,
Weel are you worthy to watch,
As lang’s me programme.