Building Work Update

  1. Main Entrance: Both the main and inner doors are still not working properly. Arrangements will be madeĀ for them to be fixed.
  2. Dining Hall: Ceiling fixers are still working in this area. They will continue to get the roof watertight. Underfloor heating and flooring are still being worked on. The painter and electrician are working in this area at the moment. The scaffolding will be taken away from this area gradually too. A small amount of drainage work needs to be done.
  3. New Extension: Work on the balustrade for the stairs will be done next week. The ceiling fixer will start in the main building.
  4. Plant Room: Scaffolding will be placed here in order for the water connection to be done.
  5. Upper School Toilets: The fire alarm is still to be fitted. This will be done at the weekend. It is then hoped to hand the toilets across to the school next week.