Star of The Week

Star of the Week1

P1A: Brook, Finlay, Mariah and Fraser are successful learner and responsible citizen. They work hard and are being good friends !

P1B: Callie is an effective contributor . She is always helping others !

P2A: Matti is a  successful learner who is trying really hard with spelling words !

P3A : Alex is  kind and helpful and is always trying his best !

P3B: Nicolas is a successful learner who has excellent writing !

P4A : Mia is a successful learner who is making FABULOUS AND EXCELLENT PROGRESS IN SWIMMING !

P4/5: Miya is a successful learner who shows good concentration and is  working hard !

P5: Rosalind is a successful learner with excellent descriptive writing and effort !

P5/6: Edmee is a successful learner and effective contributor who is excellent  at putting detail in her work and helping others when they are stuck.

P6: Megan is working hard, asking good questions and showing a good attitude.

P7A: Hannah is a confident individual who puts in a lot of effort in every curriculum area.

P7B: Jack M is a successful learner who always shows motivation and enthusiasm for learning.

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