‘Reading Is Braw ‘ – Launch Event

‘Reading Is Braw’ was launched at the Musselburgh Burgh Primary School. We sent Natalia, Rebecca, Logan, Megan, Demi and Katie along from the pupil council.

Megan took a camera¬† and Logan interviewed lots of people from pupils to teachers and even a politician. So, we have a fine slide show of photographs that really show what happened. The News4U ‘Reading Is Braw’ Special podcast is great too. You can watch and listen below.

2 thoughts on “‘Reading Is Braw ‘ – Launch Event”

  1. A huge well done to Logan for a fabulous report and Megan for taking such great photos!
    I had the pleasure and privilege of accompanying the Pupil Council to the Reading is Braw book launch and they did our school proud !

  2. Congratulations to the Pinkie Podcast team and to Logan for a very dynamic and informative interview! Wow! You were a true professional when you talked to a number of people during this exciting launch of Reading is Braw!
    Can’t wait to hear what next week’s News4U unfolds!
    Mrs Rae

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