News4U Episode 15…Glasgow

Podcasters Ready to Roll

The Podcast Club was invited to present about the podcast club and record interviews at Strathclyde University. It was a great experience to meet professors, teachers and students and interview lots of them.  We are very grateful Professor Matt Smith invited us.

In this podcast, we just talk about the whole experience. We recorded lots of interviews.  Over the coming weeks, we will put together a  bigger ‘Strathclyde Special’.  ( We also shot lots of photos which we have put into a slide show wit music.  We posted that on the school website yesterday. )

Thanks to James, Shannon, Leaf, Milo Jordan, Adelle, Sunshine, Conor, Callum, Sol, Lucy, Lucy and, of course, Simon. The Podcasters were top professionals as you will hear in this podcast.

One thought on “News4U Episode 15…Glasgow”

  1. Wow Podcasters!
    Do you remember our Growth Mind Set assemblies when we talked about practice and challenge means you can really achieve? Well, you are all definitely succeeding on this journey! You are an asset to our school and so very professional and confident in the podcast, and indeed throughout the whole day at Strarhclyde University.
    I was particularly impressed that you needed little or no help from adults!! So pleased you all enjoyed it too! Can’t wait until next week!!
    Proud of you all!

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