Wider Achievements and news in P5/6

Wider achievements this week in P5/6:

Carys Friend: yesterday her cousin was teaching her how to do a round off on a trampoline and she managed to do it. Well done!

Emma Hamilton: Emma was very brave and got her ears pierced for a party at the weekend!

David Anderson: David made a route in his garden for the ball to travel. He managed to get it in to the end point which was the bike box.

Harry Glasgow: Harry had a football festival with Preston Athletic and got more than 10 assists In 5 games. Well done!

Molly Grant: Got over her fear of heights as she had to climb a ladder to get to Shannon’s room when staying at her house at the weekend. Well done!

Keira Scott: On Saturday Keira was at the Leith Gala and was dancing. She also went on the frog ride which she normally doesn’t go on as she is afraid of heights so she was proud of herself.

Katie McLean: Tilly in P3 helped Katie to do a backflip!

Shannon McLean: Shannon did motorbike racing with her dad and came in 3rd or 4th.

Aaron McIntyre: His football team Musselburgh Windsor won their last game of the season 5-1. Well done!

Have a good week! Remember Reading is Braw diaries to be brought in some time this week!


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