Wider Achievements in P5/6

The final instalment of Wider Achievements from P5/6 this term!

Shannon McLean: Shannon went to Blair Drummond Safari Park at the weekend where she touched a meerkat and her dad said she wouldn’t  so she said she proved him wrong!

Carys Friend: Carys was at a Guide County camp ay the weekend and when she was kayaking she accepted the challenge to be the first one to get up and go to the front of the boat to put her head in the water. It was called ‘Finding Dory!’, except when she did this, she fell in! Sounds fun!

Aaron McIntyre: Aaron successfully completed a season with Musselburgh Windsor. Well done!

Holly Harkins: Holly is going to Hillend today to go snow-tubing for leaving her Brownies and going to Guides!

Keira Scott and Sara Pearson: the girls were dancing at the school fair at the weekend, well done!

Have a good week everyone! P5/6