P.3a Newsround

P.3a had a very busy week, with Christmas (almost) coming early! Not only did we become Santa’s elves and start building our electric toys in Science, but we also designed our Christmas cards (based on symmetrical shapes) to a festive soundtrack! The gardening team helped Heather plant daffodils and crocuses in the courtyard and did some thorough weeding, while in class we looked at ‘open’ and ‘closed’ questions and created our ‘Learning Pits’ amongst other things.

This week we will be finishing our close look at the school values, with ‘Responsible’ being the final focus. We will be using our ORT books to create questions (rather than simply answer them!) and we will finally find out if our class novel hero Charlie makes it home for tea alive! Phew- our October holiday will be well deserved.

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