P5/6 – judo, angles and exploration!

It has been such a busy week  for P5/6 with lots and lots of learning crammed in too!

We had Judo on Wednesday which was great fun and had a chance to try out a new activity for most of the class in a fun way, and also test our resilience whilst competing against friends.

‘ Marv the instructor was hilarious.’ – Harlie

‘We were doing floorwork like holding down your partner and making a count.’ – Ellis

In maths we have been learning about angles, names of angles and how to measure to degrees. We went outside to draw our own 360 degrees circle and angles within it.

‘Acute, obtuse and right-angles are the names which tell us the types of angles we know so far.’ – Charlie

We have explored all sections of our school woods as part of our John Muir Award.

‘We are learning more about nature’ – Jack

‘The woods were  a mess because of litter.’ – Sami

We are going to put in to action our next steps as part of the award and will share some news at the assembly.

Lee thinks the word ‘juangleration’ sums up our week nicely!

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