Fun Friday for P5/6

We have had an amazing time planning and performing our assembly  to the school and to all the teachers, parents and classes. It has took us about 2 or 3 weeks to plan so we hope you enjoyed our assembly!

We done two outdoor sports for P.E after the assembly. One was tennis the other one was club golf. It was a lot of fun and we all loved it. In golf we done chipping and putting onto the targets and into the hoops. In tennis we were doing rallying the ball back and forward bouncing and trapping the ball.

Written by Andrew, Callum and Jason

I would just like to say how proud and impressed I am with the class. We had only a week to write a script as a class, prepare a film and a whole assembly and the class were brilliant at taking responsibility and putting on  a performance. Well done! (Mr Drysdale)

Have a look at some photos from our fantastic Friday…




One thought on “Fun Friday for P5/6”

  1. The assembly was so much fun and everyone was nervous but we all done it in the end

    The golf was amazing and Kate green is an amazing golfer ⛳️??‍♀️?

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