P5/6 design and problem solving solutions

P5/6 were great at identifying the technology, design and problem solving skills they put to use in two tasks as part of their learning this week. It all ties in to our John Muir Award too which we are close to completing. The class thought it was a good idea to build bird boxes for around the school grounds so got to work planning, preparing and building unique designs.

Ellis came up with the great suggestion to use grass cuttings from our garden to add to the boxes along with sticks and other things we had gathered around the area. As you can see… they all look great!

The class also designed their own unique water catchers in small groups. They did it quickly and efficiently and we went down to the burn to test them out. Some turned out more successful than others, but we all certainly learnt something through the task. We have collected dirty looking water from the burn in the grounds and the next step is to try and filter it somehow…. I am sure the class are more than capable of coming up with a solution next week!

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