Our amazing ,yummy ice lollies



This term P4a have been learning about the different properties of water in Science .We  found out about freezing water and used our knowledge to make ice lollies.

First we made a list of ingredients .Each person added one ingredient to our list . Next everyone designed their own lolly using at least 3 ingredients.

We have been working this term on our social skills and working together as a team. We are sitting in teams of 4 or 5 people and each team designed an ice lolly together. We  each chose one ingredient to add to our team lolly .We designed what it would look like and then we made it. It took quite a while to make our lollies because we needed to freeze them 4 or 5 times.

Today we got to eat them !

Each group opened them together so we could see how they looked. There was great excitement in our class as we looked at the plan and waited for each lolly to be revealed!


Here are some of our thoughts:

Lily H -I enjoyed my lolly because it tasted good.

Emma-I liked making the lollies because it got our class working better together,

Lexi- I didn’t like the taste of the raspberry and apple juice.

Robert-I chose to add chocolate milkshake but I didn’t like the taste because it tasted like coffee!

Elli -We were really excited to open up our lollies because we didn’t know what they were going to look like .Our lolly looked really good.

Natalia -I liked how our lolly looked and our class were all impressed about how all the lollies looked.

Abbie-It was really fun.

Morgan- I liked choosing all the different flavours and seeing what they tasted like when they were frozen.

Aidan Mc – I didn’t expect  it to turn out or taste that good

Daryl -When we designed our lolly I wasn’t sure it would taste that good but it tasted delicious!

Lennon-I liked working together with my group to design our lolly .

Ben -Our team worked really well together to design and make our lolly.

Caitlyn -We got a surprise when we opened our lolly because we weren’t sure how it would look .

Our photos show each group with their lollies and plans .