Strictly Come Pinkie 2017

On Wednesday we had this years annual Pinkie Talent Show…. with the them of Strictly Come Pinkie!

It was an entertaining feast for your eyes and ears! We had dancing, singing, comedy and gymnastics on show. In our eyes, everyone was a winner and all were so courageous to perform in front of such a huge audience! Well done everyone. Our fabulous winner this year who took away the glitter trophy was Maddie from P6 who sang ‘The Climb’.

We want to say a big thank you to our panellists who were Mr Scott, Alan Penman, Colin Smith and Anna Potter!

Check out the spectacular event which happened on Wednesday, captured by Mr Smith and his camera.



One thought on “Strictly Come Pinkie 2017”

  1. Absolutely fabulous talent from P1 to P7 everyone was a credit to themselves and Pinkie School. Personally biased towards one of the comperes and one of the Wrecking Ball crew but Maddie had the edge…even if it was a slim one over all the other brilliant acts. Well done to everyone involved. Thoroughly enjoyed the show.

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