This week in P5A…

This week in Primary 5A we have been doing….

  • Cursive handwriting in our literacy jotters.
  • Reading our class novel The Iron Man.
  • We have written and imaginative response saying the Iron Man is.
  • We made a restaurant and menu for the Iron Man… For example Limo Lasagne and Metal Magic Meatballs.
  • Addition on robots for numeracy.
  • Something secret in science….

Our secret experiment was also one of our most interesting things this week. Turning out of date of crackers, orange juice and half a banana in to digested waste. We poured all of the ingredients in a plastic bag and mushed it all up then poured it all into a stocking to make it look like it was digested waste.

Written by Lexi, Elli, Jayden and Morgan


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