Life in P6B – Part One!

Kindness Boxes

P6B have been working hard on making our Kindness Boxes.  These boxes are part of our IDL and we are learning about other people’s emotions and how our own actions can effect others.  We are creating a kindness ethos in our class.  This is also linked to our school values.

Mia – we each made our own box and they are all different shapes and sizes.

Leo – it has been a tremendous journey, we used our own designs which was a bit tricky!

Abbie – everyone made an encouragement statement to put in a peer’s kindness box.

Aidan – the kindness boxes are to help others in the class if they are feeling sad, if they look at the statements it will brighten their day.

Mrs Livingstone’s Wise Owls

Our wise owls for this week are:

Abbie  – because she has been so helpful this week in class and has put in so much effort to her learning.

Ava – who has shown a great attitude to her learning this week, she has worked so hard.

Well done girls!

Tremendous Taster Day – Voting

After the brilliant taster day P6B were responsible for the vote to discover which activities were the favourite.

Josh – Morgan and I were taking photos of the voting taking place.

Ryan – everyone who took part in the day was given a vote and our station has 92 votes.  It was the dance activity.

Rebecca – we put all the information together in a floor book which will be used by the school to decide which activities we would like in the future.

Our quote from our novel is:


Morgan – this means what you do for others is what they will remember.

Gurshaan – the things you do to others is very important

This is the life of P6B – thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for sharing P6b, I’ve enjoyed reading about what you’re learning. Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Watt

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