Learning in P4B

Here are some things we have been learning this week in P4B…

Leah D, ‘ We have been learning about time and have made our own clocks during Outdoor maths, using things we found outside.’

Nicole, ‘We have individual stars on our desk and the aim is to go ‘over and above’ to be in with the chance of a positive recognition certificate’.

Connor P, ‘We wrote a letter to Matilda’s parents and we were pretending to be Matilda’.

Eva, ‘In art we drew self – portraits using pencil. In a few weeks time we are going to draw them again but using all the skills we will be learning’.

Caitlin E, ‘We used Making Thinking Visible to help us with our class novel’.

Lexi, ‘We have been exploring Matilda through questions’.

Caitlin T, ‘We looked at primary colours – red, blue and yellow’

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